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Friday, September 17, 2010

More Babies

So we are expecting our third child. We are super excited and amazingly, so are the kids. We didn't expect them to understand but maybe little cousin Olive, who is only two months old, made them understand more. Nathan continually wants to kiss my belly ("the baby"). Abby is obsessed with all things baby now and plays with baby dolls all of a sudden. She lets me know that babies cry because they can't talk yet. Have to remember that one. :-) Both have been so kind to me and let me rest whenever it is needed. Although they have grown fond of listening to the same music CD at least 5 times a day. Insanity may come sooner than later...
This morning I showed them a caraway seed (we didn't have a sesame seed which is the size of our baby now at 5 weeks). Nathan gasped. He didn't expect that little of a thing. Quite cute.
Except for the usual tiredness and nausea, I'm very happy. Surely I will doubt my own sanity once in labor but as of right now, we are blissfully happy. My evenings are wonderfully spent by sitting with my amazing husband and knitting all things small and baby.
Overall, all things domestic have great appeal right now: Cooking, baking, knitting, finishing house projects (got my car cleaned and the swing repainted!), etc. Lots of thinking about the future and to be prepared. We are still trying to figure out what direction we want to take for Nathan for school next September. Private school or home schooling? We've started to teach the kids more independence and given them more responsibility. It's amazing how much little ones will pick up and do if you ask them! For example, Abigail will now make her own bed. What great little helpers!

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