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Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is my first pregnancy where I have real noticable cravings. Along with the cravings come very strong dislikes. Often times the craving turns into a strong dislike by the time it takes to prepare it. :-) This makes things rather difficult. However, one constant I've noticed is that all the foods that are incredibly good and always seem appealing, are foods my mom used to eat (or still does for that matter). For example, a typical European slice of rustic bread with swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes and salt. Or cucumber-tomato salad with onions, cream, vinaigrette and loads of dill. Croisssants with swiss cheese. All so yummy right now. And whatever is good when I eat it, is REALLY good. That is the fun part. As someone who enjoys food, this is really a nice side effect (compared to the not-so-nice-side-effect of nausea).

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