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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Abigail crying: "My tummy is hurting."
Mama: "I'm so sorry your tummy is upset."
Abigail: "No mommy, it's not mad."

Nathan to mommy after I gave him a heart: "That heart is for me because you love me really good."

David: "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."
Nathan: "Is that a nice tone to say that?"

Grampy and Nathan discussing where Nathan will live when he's grown-up.
Grampy: "I'll turn into Grampyman and pick-up your house and put it in my backyard."
Nathan: "We'll be Backyardigans!" (If you dont' understand this one, you don't have kids under 6.)

David retelling the above story.
Nathan: "Daddy is boasting!"

Nathan explaining to Daddy that he's decided to live close to us when he is older.
Nathan: "And I'll bring my kids over so you can see them. And you'll love them so much because they'll be so much prettier than you 'd ever thought."

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