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Friday, October 8, 2010


The kids have just been so cute with the news of a new family member. For Abigail, it is hard to understand. One day, she wanted me to show her the baby in my tummy. When I told her that I couldn't, she bursted into tears. :-( She'll ask me on occasion now if the baby is still in my tummy. She would like a girl. She didn't give any reason, that's just what she'd like. Just like she isn't a princess, she's just Abigail. Or a birdie. Sometimes for grampy she might be an angel birdie. Because she isn't an angel (that's what she says, not I). :-)
Nathan is very excited. He wants a brother so he can wrestle with him. He'd be more than willing to share his room and would be excited about sleeping on the top of a bunk bed. He kisses my tummy often and tries to faithfully remember to say goodnight to the baby. He covers me with a blanket when I'm not feeling well and tries hard to take good care of me. He will ask me "Are you not feeling well?", "Are you tired?". His concern is so sweet. And to be honest, it was very unexpected. Never underestimate your children.


  1. I had to click over to your blog once I saw that your favorite books were the Bible and Beth Moore (I did a Beth Moore study years ago and LOVED it) . . . this story is precious! I'm glad your kids are being so loving to you.

  2. She's awesome. Amazing. :-) Love her bible studies.
    And yes, my little ones are just a blessing. :-)