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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The time of year for colds and runny noses has official arrived. Nathan tends to get sick with higher fevers. He usually starts out by acting out for a day or two. He won't listen very well and do things constantly that he knows he's not supposed to do. Then he'll start mentioning a sore throat and about two days after he starts acting up, he usually starts with a higher fever. His fever goes high very quick and it's not unusual for us to have to stagger acetaminophen and ibuprofen every 3 hours just to keep his fever below 102. This time around his fever stays at 101 as long as he keeps taking acetaminophen. The next day or two after fever he usually gets the other symptoms like runny nose and coughing. When the medicine runs out, he lays on the couch like a drop of water. David and I laugh how he just changes 20 minutes after he takes his medicine. Before he can't get up, is very quiet, doesn't want to eat or drink, just lays there. 20 minutes after taking medicine, he can be bouncing off the walls, literally. He is a very good sick kid though.
Abigail does NOT like being sick. She is VERY unhappy when she is sick. So most of the time, Nathan is thankfully sick by himself. I'm fully convinced that she refuses to get sick because she dislikes it so much. But she thoroughly enjoys the TV time they get when Nathan is sick. Since he doesn't have energy for much, they get to watch TV while he rests on the couch. Abby grabbed all the stuffed animals she could find and is sitting next to me, covered in a blanket and a gazillion stuffies.
To be perfectly honest, this time around, the sickness is kind of nice since my nausea puts me on the couch anyway. So Nathan, Abby and I get to spend the day together, reading books and watching TV and the kids are actually content being in the same spot for a while.
It's wonderful to get the little blessings in the midst of not feeling well. Warming blankets, hot tea to sip, a caring husband and most of all snuggeling with your kids on the couch for the day is just such a treat.

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