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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've been extremely giddy lately. Actually, today especially. Yes, Thanksgiving is very great and we are all looking forward to it. But that's not it. It's the day after Thanksgiving. No, Black Friday is not my thing. Shopping with crowds is just not that tempting. But here is what is: The day after Thanksgiving, my husband goes into our attic and gets all 18 of our Christmas decorating boxes (yes, I'm a bit obsessed). It starts my most favorite season of the year. This year the kids are just such great ages. Nathan loves to hear stories of our childhoods. So unwrapping all the decorations and telling him the meaning of them, will be so awesome. Everyone will pick decorations for their rooms and we'll all decorate together while Christmas music will finally play throughout the house. We'll light candles, have hot chocolate and sing songs. See why I'm so excited? This year the kids' eyes will fill with wonder as they are old enough. The other evening I went to run an errand with Abigail and it was dark outside. When the door opened, she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw our neighbors house all lit up with Christmas lights. It was great how much it excited her. Today they were fascinated by ice in our driveway. Nathan is still convinced the ice in the gutter of the road was glass because it broke when he stepped on it. I just can't wait for Friday and the whole time up until Christmas. It'll be glorious!

Here are some things we plan on doing with the kids that we are looking forward to:

Cut snowflakes out of paper. (this may be a challenge due to scissors and age of children...)
Sip hot chocolate.
Eat candy canes (maybe while we drink hot chocolate).
Watch great Christmas movies.
Make popcorn chains for grampy's tree.
Decorate pinecones with glitter glue.
Read bible stories.
Write Christmas cards and enclose drawings the kids have been working on.
Make straw star ornaments.
Go to the local live nativity.
Bake a variety of cookies.
Go to the local Christmas exposition.
Enjoy the multi-colored glow of Christmas lights in the dark.
Go for drives, sipping hot chocolate, and looking at the decorated houses in various neighborhoods.
Make handmade Christmas gifts.
Play boardgames.
Make pudding.
Bake something yummy for someone else.
Make a chain garland out of red and green craft paper.
Light candles.
Put up our manger scene.
Read Christmas books.
Start a Jesse tree.
Get a Christmas Tree and decorate it.
Pick a birthday present for Jesus from the Samaritan's Purse catalog.
Get some traditional German Christmas candies and enjoy them.
Hopefully visit old folks in a retirement home and give them coloring pages from the kids.
Bake and decorate sugar cookies with friends. (and of course eat them immediately)
Enjoy a piece of German candy every morning out of our Advent calendar. (I know what you are thinking! However, this is a Christmas season requirement for descendants of Germans. Christmas may not come if this custom is not dutifully adhered to. We are only doing this for you.)

You think we have enough days to do all this before Christmas is here? What are your favorite things to do during the upcoming season?

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  1. Decorating with the kids sounds like such a lovely and meaningful time!! Music . . . stories . . . candles . . . hot chocolate . . . yes!!