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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!

If Nathan hadn't already changed our lives forever, this little spitfire most certainly did. The hair says it all! Her personality matches it perfectly. She gets tons of attention because of it and she has the personality to go along with it. She's a ham for sure and loves to keep people entertained. She loves to sing and dance (daddy is most preferred here). She likes to color and sometimes to just quietly read with her Tag. She knows her letters and their sounds and can easily memorize any Veggie Tales song. She probably prefers french fries over ice cream. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and the pink worn-out bear and her lamby are never far away from her. She adores the kitties but hasn't learned the art of "gentle" yet. Loves her brother to death but sometimes can't figure out how to play with that wild child in a lady-like fashion. She'd probably rather sit than run like Nathan but that may be due to a recently discovered lack of iron (so much so that she'll have to be medicated). Abby likes anything girly, loves to dress-up, is very fond of hairclips and hats and as of late, strives to be a ballerina.

  • "So-o. (pause for dramatic effect)....."
  • "But I said..."
  • "You are the sweetest mommy"
  • "Nathan! No!"
  • "But I don't wanna go night-night" (every night....)
  • "Are you proud of me?"
  • "I want something to eat." (that is the most often heard phrase in our house right after "I love you')
  • "Can I listen to my music?" (that is the most often heard phrase during car rides)
  • "I'm not feeling good" (when asked to help do chores - at 2!!!)
  • "I hurt myself!"
  • "I'm just gonna get....(enter 50 toys of your choice here)" when asked to do something or go somewhere
  • "I love you" Abby is quite fond of that phrase. :-)

Always with bear and lamby

Quite the fashionista, uh?

It's not easy finding the right bucket to go with your outfit.

Donning Nathan's hat and glasses.

Yep, she's a girlie girl.

She's got the angry look down.

Here's a pouty look. Notice the inverted foot to underline the mood. She's good!

Happy little cute girl.

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