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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's A Girl!!

We had our ultra-sound today and were hoping to find out the sex of the baby. My hopes were for a girl just because Abigail would be closer in age to her. David was hoping for a girl as that would make coaching easier for him since he will coach the boys in the family. There are some other logistics with a baby girl that would be helpful as well. At first the baby had its feet in the way and just wouldn't move. The ultrasound technician commented at how calm this baby was (calm - we need that!!!!). Disappointed that we most likely wouldn't find out, I did some jumping jacks. It worked! Baby moved and the technician told us that as much as you can be sure with a girl, this was it. So it's not a 100% deal, but pretty safe to say. All in all, it was a great experience, the lady who did the ultrasound was great. Baby looks healthy and due date was moved to May 20, 2011 (only 3 days prior to Nathan's birthday).
To top off the good news, my mom got a Christmas bonus and is thinking she may be able to come out now for the birth. Blessings all around!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Unexpected Gift

On Christmas Eve the postman rang our doorbell to deliver one last gift. We were pleasantly surprised by it. It came in beautiful green packaging. It was from a very dear, dear lady from my online knitting group. A while ago I had shared how over-excited Abigail got when she saw her first ever pink Christmas tree at Kohl's. It wasn't just usual excitement. She was beside herself. :-) It was so funny that I had to tell the online group and shortly a discussion about pink trees followed. So when I unwrapped the present and found a pink tree inside, it just made me laugh. Gigi told us that her and her husband Dave had gone to Kohl's and found these trees on clearance and just couldn't help themselves. They just had to buy it. Abigail was more than happy they did! She was thrilled. Here are the pictures.

This is when Abigail first sees the tree. Unfortunately Nathan walked through the picture at the same time.
"Mama, it's so pretty!"

"And it has lights!"

Feeling it, admiring it.

Then she literally did the happy dance. She was moving around too much, so the picture didn't come out that good.

She asked if she could decorate it and we were sure she would go "steal" some of our ornaments. However, she went and got all her necklaces, bracelets and hair clips and put them on her tree. How fitting, wouldn't you say? Most of them are pink so they are hard to see.

Thank you Gigi and Dave! That was really sweet and Abigail is loving the tree.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all a merry Christmas where you may experience God's peace and joy in your lives.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The saddest little boy...

Yesterday we went to the mall as there were supposed to be some animals there. We missed the animals but went to look for one more present when the kids spotted Santa Claus in the distance. So we went to go see him. The kids were super excited to see him. This was of course the line for pictures that all the malls have. We figured we'd let the kids see Santa from a distance for a little while and then continue on. As we started to turn around, ready to continue on, our little boy silently tried to hold back all his tears that were welling up to where he could hardly hold them back. He too wanted to see Santa. It was the saddest thing. We tried to explain to him the long line, and all that and he agreed with all we said but again, when we turned to continue on, his little face just turned into the saddest thing this mommy has ever seen from her boy. Broke our hearts. So of course we waited in line forever (not quite) and our kids got to see Santa Claus. They didn't care that is was merely a minute. Abigail didn't really care to see Santa. She didn't mind seeing him but it wasn't very important to her. But Nathan was thrilled. And you know what? Santa's favorite cookie is also Chocolate Chip! Just like Nathan. Who would have known? Isn't it sweet that he didn't go to see Santa to tell him what he wanted but to find out what Santa's favorite cookie is? I wish you could have seen his before and after faces. One broke my heart, the other one brought pure joy. It's wonderful how our children are tied to our hearts.
The love parents have for their children is one of the most wonderful things on this earth. We do it all for them. I will try to keep that in mind as we celebrate Christmas where we receive the Lord's only child as payment for our sins. All so that we can become His children because He loved us so much.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Favorites and Favorite Books

After realizing how much Nathan's favorites have changed from last year to this, I thought it would be neat to capture their yearly Christmas favorites. Join below and add yours if you'd like!

Favorite Song - the Grinch
Favorite Candy - German chocolates from Advent calendar
Favorite Cookie - Jam Thumbprints
Favorite Show - the Grinch who stole Christmas
Favorite Light Color - White
Favorite Tradition - Getting toys :)
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Cocoa
Marshmallows or Whipped Cream in your Cocoa - Whipped Cream
Fake Tree or Real - Real
Favorite Board Game - Candyland
Favorite Christmas Book - The Grinch (see a pattern?)
Favorite Tree Ornament - Angel Tree Topper
On My Wish List - Ironman Figurine (he's never even seen the movie!)

Favorite Song - Jingle Bells
Favorite Candy - German chocolates from Grampy's tree decorations
Favorite Cookie - Grandma's sugar cookies
Favorite Show - Frosty the Snowman
Favorite Light Color - Blue, green, purple & pink
Favorite Tradition - Soup (???? I have no idea what that means...)
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Tea (the girl never drinks tea...)
Marshmallows or Whipped Cream in your Cocoa - Marshmallows
Fake Tree or Real - Fake. She wants a pink one.
Favorite Board Game - Chutes and Ladders
Favorite Christmas Book - 'Twas the Night before Christmas
Favorite Tree Ornament - Grampy's edible chocolate ornaments and snowman
On My Wish List - Santa Claus slippers and hat (these belong to daddy)

If you have little ones, here are some of our favorite Christmas reads:
Silent Night, Holy Night - Mohr/Dusikova, published by NorthSouth
The Story of Baby Jesus - Alice Joyce Davidson
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss
The Little Drummer Boy - Ezra Jack Keats
The Night Before Christmas - A Little Golden Book
A Churchmouse Christmas - Barbara Davoll
The Stable Where Jesus Was Born - Rhonda Gowler Greene
The Christmas Story, A Pop-up Book - Treasury Collection
Merry Christmas Songbook

Have a very, merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Daddy: Nathan, no yelling please.
Nathan: I'm not trying to be loud, you're making me.

Mommy: Nathan, quieter please.
Nathan: I'm not really good at that.

Nathan: Abby, are you ready to do a major fight? (playtime)
Abby: I'm still doing my hair.

Nathan: Where is my lightsaber?
Mommy: I don't know.
Nathan: I found it! (in a deep voice) Now I can take care of Abby.

Abby: You're a cute mama!

Nathan: Do you want to play lightsabers with me?
Mommy: Sure. Where is your other lightsaber?
Nathan: Remember? It passed away.

Abigail: Green is my favorite color.
Mommy: I thought pink and purple were.
Abigail: All the colors are my favorite.

Mommy: Why are the board games all out?
Abigail thinking, then: 'Cause I wanted to play with you but you didn't come.

Abigail: Mommy, can I have new cereal? This one keeps making a mess.

Daddy: How did the airplane break?
Abigail (with pieces in hand): I don't know. Twig (our cat) did it.

Abigail to daddy: I'm Hailey and you are - (pause) - God!

Daddy joking after Abby was bad: Abby, give yourself a spanking.
Abby wailing: I spanked myself!

Abigail who doesn't like her breakfast: But my tongue doesn't taste it very good.

Mommy: Abby, when did you go potty last?
Abigail proudly: This year!