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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - What to look forward to

This will be a great year for us. Well, at least a year with a lot of things to look forward to. The next few months will be really busy with lots of family birthdays on both sides.
Then we'll host a baby shower for my friend Beth. It'll be the first one I've ever hosted, so lots of looking up to do on that. If anyone has great websites with ideas, please e-mail me.
Just around the end of the first half is when my mom will arrive here! She'll be coming to visit our sweet little girl who will arrive most likely shortly after my mom. Hopefully I won't be too tired from birth so that we'll all be able to spend lots of quality time with her. We'll enjoy some good German cooking (my mom is an excellent cook) and David and her will enjoy some Cold Duck. :-) Not sure my humble kitchen will be up to her standards.... :-) (She just bought a FABULOUS new kitchen herself. It's a dream.)
And just when we are so sad that my mom has left, we'll need to start planning Matze & Mandy's arrival! Yes, that's right. Two family members from overseas will come this year! So what's up with that Sandersche, Kathrin and Frank????? Which leads me to another wonderful event this year: My little brother and Kathrin are getting married in August! Wow, getting dizzy just thinking of all these events this year... Kathrin just found her dress which was only the second one she tried on. Lucky chick. Can't wait to see it. They are busy planing right now, as it should be. Guess we forgive them for not coming over since that is an important thing....
Shortly after Kathrin & Sandersche's wedding, Matze & Mandy will arrive here for a relaxing and quiet vacation. We'll have one trip to the beach but other than that, will hang around here. Fun! More food, for sure. They share our love of food. :-) And Mandy shares my fondness of Starbucks. Hoping the new baby will be a good sleeper.
And while they are here, our little man will start school. Wow. Where has time gone. Not sure I'm ready to trust other people with him. And we still have to 100% decide which school he'll go to. We know what we'll like, hopefully it'll all work out.
Work-wise David is off to a good start. After two years of an almost halt in the construction industry, we got a big job! Whoohoo! Wish you could have seen the glow on my husband's face when he got the job! All due to his hard work, not giving up and continuing to build new contacts. This is a new client to us and our first job with them. David had been e-mailing with this man for a while. It paid off. Good job, babe! Of course, as soon as we had this job, a few little ones trickled in as well. With how hard the last two years have been, there was no way David was going to turn them down. So the year ended with overtime, something we are all new to again.
We are hoping the year will be good financially. Mostly, we are hoping for another healthy baby girl, for wonderful family times, for a good start in school for Nathan, for a good adjustment to a third sibling by both our children. One thing is for sure, it'll be an exciting year!

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