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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blessings of Sick Days

Our weekend has been pretty low key. On Friday I was ordered to bed/couch rest by my midwife because apparently you can do much spring cleaning. As a friend of mine commented: "Housework CAN kill you after all." Who would have known.... Couch rest is almost a punishment to me. You have to look at your house with all the things that need to be done and aren't allowed to do them. So I used the time to learn how to crochet and made a little kitty for Abigail. It looks more like a bear but that is another story... My children, always loving and thinking of ways to make me feel better, came up with a solution. They got sick too! :-) So now there are three of us on the couch, happily snuggeling with each other. Yes, we are watching the 50th re-run of the 1940s Superman and of Veggie Tales. But what can I say?
Have I ever told you of how opposite my kids are when they are sick? Nathan gets super high fevers right away. He had a 103.7 fever on Saturday night. And yes, I know how to use the thermometer. He really gets fevers that high all the time. Fortunately, he responds really well to Tylenol; unlike my littlest brother who would go into shock and my mom would have to give him shots. Our wonderful doctor told us that there was nothing to worry with Nathan. She's seen a few kids do the same thing and their little systems just very aggressively fight germs. She's kindly walked us through the procedures for high fevers and now we are pros at it. This morning Nathan woke up and vomited as well. This is even more unusual for him and has only happened twice so far. Nathan is great little sick man. He's very tough and the only thing that really gets to him is a runny nose. :-) He doesn't care too much about headaches, body aches or vomiting but that runny nose....
Abigail on the other hand NEVER gets a fever. So it's quite difficult to tell when she's not feeling well. She gets REALLY naughty. That is our only sign for the first day or two until further symptoms appear. I guess if Nathan is sick while she is naughty, that's a good indicator. Abigail won't listen to anything. Nothing. Every request is met with "no". She'll yell terribly at her brother and it's been hard to make her understand that it's unacceptable for her to do so when she's feeling ill. She loves to snuggle with mommy though and I quite enjoy that. She's still very attached to me at times anyways where Nathan has become a little more independent. But when they are sick, I get two really good snugglers. :-) I love that. So even though we are on the couch all day, it's a blessing to spend the days with my kids that way.

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