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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Fun Night

After David had received a great book from Rusty and Megan for his birthday, we have finally instituted Family Fun Night on Sunday nights! This Sunday was the kick-off to this hopefully long and fruitful tradition. We let each one of the kids pick a board game to play. Both of them decided they wanted to play the "monkey" game. Nathan, always competitive, and Abigail, who could care less who wins as long as she has some pretty pink sticks to play with, really enjoyed this game. Mommy and daddy emerged winners here. Sorry, kids.... Next, daddy picked Chutes and Ladders. Nathan, still driven by the need to win, enjoyed this game thoroughly. We did however lose Abigail. In all fairness, the game did drag on and she did a good job finishing it anyways. She also graciously accepted defeat (again, she has no competitive bone in her body) and congratulated a VERY happy Nathan. All in all, it was a very fun night and I'm looking forward to next Sunday night. We'll hopefully be able to incorporate finger foods and snacks soon. Together with movie night on Fridays or Saturdays, the weekend is turning out to be quite the family fun time.

Let the games begin! Actually this was our third board game.

Abigail still has some trouble navigating. She doesn't understand yet what one count of the dice entails. Here is daddy helping his little girl out.

An apparently excited little boy. Maybe the prospect of crawling up the ladder that brings you to the winning field?

Daddy got really into this. Don't let him fool you, he's a sucker for Chutes and Ladders.

Ah, we lost her...

If you look up "boredom" in the dictionary, this will be the picture with it.

Winning is exciting!!

Congratulations to the winner (aka, thank goodness this game is over...).

Part deux: Ticket to Ride (thanks Rusty & Megan!!) for mommy and daddy! If you like board games and have never played this game, it's really fun. This game has won tons of awards.

The picture below has absolutely nothing to do with game night. It's just because it's just so cute. (Remember, I'm the mom. I'm allowed to think that.)

Mutti, sie hat die Spielfigur von Deinem Brett Spiel auf dem Kopf. :-)

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  1. Christine, you don't have to be the mom to think that photo is cute! Let me tell you: It's cute! What a doll you have. Love those red curls. (That picture of her with her feet on the back of the chair cracked me up, too.)Both of your children are charming. Nathan looks like a boy's boy through and through. Love the competitive photos. Thanks for sharing your family. (Pretty cute husband, too)