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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ravelry, Crochet And A New Challenge

Since I've been having some involuntary downtime the last two days, what better way to spend it than to learn a new skill? After plenty of hours were spent on the internet yesterday and I had nothing left to look up today, boredom set in. Wasn't really in the mood to start a new knitting project after finishing a baby sweater. My two remaining choices were to either learn Intarsia knitting (one form of knitting with multiple colors, much like fair isle knitting), or learning how to crochet. I viewed a few Youtube tutorials on Intarsia and decided that it was the kind of knitting that would drive me crazy with all the little butterfly bunches of different colored yarn. By the way, Youtube is AWESOME if you are trying to learn how to knit or crochet. So then I settled on learning how to crochet. A previously purchased book on learning how to crochet unfortunately cannot be recommended since it was lacking some basic steps. So Youtube once again saved the day. Now the question remaining was what to crochet? That is where came in. It's also my favorite knitting site. If you sign up for it, it'll take a few days for you to get accepted. The wait is so worth it. Here you can find a gigantic online knitting community and such a large amount of patterns. Many of them are free. Other knitters rate the patterns which is often helpful and you can see pictures of finished projects. If you need help with a specific pattern, that is also available. If you are a knitter, if you crochet or if you spin, this would be a great website for you. Just click here for the website.

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