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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Funnies and Cuties

Nathan: "I'm not sure I can listen (obey); I'm Darth Vader."

David to me about Nathan needing help in the bathroom: "Can you handle it from here?"
Nathan: "Mommy, can you handle me?"

I put Abby's hair in a pony tail. Daddy explaining that it is called a "pony tail."
Abigail (concerned): "But I don't have a pony tail on my butt?"

Abigail: "Mommy, you're pretty." (well, thank you!)

Abigail: "You're a peach."

Abigail: "At last!" (I swear she secretly watches classic movies at night....)

Abigail, with southern accent: "Well,..." (more evidence...)

Nathan to David: "When I grow up, I wanna be a regular guy like you who spends time with his family. And I wanna marry someone like my mommy 'cause I love her so much." (Awwww...)

Abigail (petting daddy's face): "Ohhhh, that sweetie pie."

Abigail: "Mommy, you're my best friend."

Nathan playing doctor during playtime: "All good. Your heart is beeping." (Oh, goody.)

Abigail who is sick and wants to have her feet rubbed: "Mommy, you can snuggle with my feet."

Abigail to daddy: "Mommy is finally off the couch!" (Back off, people, I was on bed rest!)

Abigail to me: "Because you are really heavy" Seeing my face, she adds "That's because you are really tall." (thanks for correcting that!)

Abigail loudly, while walking by our grocery store's deli: "Look mommy, they have yucky stuff too!"

Abigail: "When is the baby coming?"
Me: "It'll be a while longer."
Abigail: "You are making me wait sooooo loooong!"

Here are a few pictures too:
She's got such a sense of style. My, my.

What my husband does when he's bored at work. (Don't worry, he's his own boss.)

Bed of push pins. America's answer to the bed of nails.

Nathan colored this pirate picture for days. He's very proud.

This picture is correctly posted under Funnies. It's my first crocheted toy. It's a....! Bet you didn't guess that!

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