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Monday, February 28, 2011

Where It's At

Is doing really good on his schoolwork. He knows how to write his name, is able to figure out how to spell simple words, can read simple stories, and is writing all letters without curves easily (still practicing B, C, etc.).
He is growing some muscle (seriously). There is a tiny bump in his arm from all the push-ups he's been doing. :-) Adorable little bump. He's very proud of it.
Nathan's favorite thing to play is imaginative play. He loves to pretend to be someone (such as Ironman, Peter Pan, etc). Or he uses his toys (such as ships) and plays stories he's read or movies he's seen (such as Captain Hook and Peter Pan, Curious George, etc.). Favorite toys are his Transformers, Fisher-Price Trios (he's been building all kinds of things with these, whatever his little mind wants to make), Star Wars, etc. His favorite play is with people though, especially daddy. If Abigail takes longer naps than he does, he doesn't quite know how to play without her.
Nathan only likes to read books at naptime and bedtime. On occasion he will sit down with Abby and me and read with us. He has been doing a lot of coloring lately though, which he hadn't done in a long time. He's especially fond of the black and white felted coloring pages.
His favorite foods are anything sweet. He likes Grampy's fish sticks, cheeseburgers with just ketchup, strawberries, grapes, apples, broth soup with noodles, yogurt, drumsticks, banana bread, oatmeal and honey, honey sandwiches, cereal (as long as it has at least 9 grams of sugar per serving...). He does like most meats. No vegetables as of yet. Not even sneaky ones like marinara sauce.
Nathan loves movie night. Oh, yes, he loves popcorn too. He also loves play dates with his friends Carter, Evan, Hailey, Tate, Zane, Katiree, Abel, Locklin, Tabitha and Honoria. Nathan also likes going to bible study and Sunday school. He really enjoys playgrounds (although we haven't been to many of those) and on rainy days, he loves the jungle playland where he can run, jump, tumble. He is a very physical and a very WILD kid. Nathan is very sweet and eager to learn. He is very obedient (most days and as long as we are not leaving grampy's house) and follows rules to a "t". Lately we've noticed him paying more and more attention to the people around him and trying to do nice things for them. He has a real tender spot for his little sister and cannot stand it if she is upset. He'll do anything to make her happy again (unless of course he's the cause of her "upsetness").

Abigail is definitely in her "testing the limits" phase. :-) Yes, it's great fun. She's such a girlie-girl though and so cute that you go between being upset at her testing and laughing loud at her cuteness all day long. She's definitely potty trained for day-time and well on her way for night-time. Abigail loves to spend her days "reading" with her Tag, coloring, dancing, singing and cooking. She also likes to play with Nathan a lot, much to his delight. Oh, and there is dress-up. She could do that all day long. Choices for dress-up may not be what you expected. She has a talent for coming up with some strange combinations. :-) As far as colors go, there is no uncertainty; the girl loves pink and purple. In her world, everything should be pink and purple. One time she freaked out (in excitement) because a store had pink soap. And another time she equally freaked out because she got a pink cookie. If you've been reading these posts, you'll remember how she lost it when she saw a pink Christmas tree. Right now she is sitting on the couch, holding on to two pink balloons leftover from a baby shower for a friend. She hasn't let go of them for the last hour.
As far as eating goes, she is a real good eater. She does however take a very loooonnnnnggggg time to finish eating. Her favorites are yogurt, fruits, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, avocado, drumsticks and crackers. The only thing she is not too fond of is meat.
Something Abigail is really good at is imitating emotions. She's got the best pouty face, can cry on the drop of a dime, but also has the cutest little girl smile. We might be in trouble when we hit the teenage years.....
This little girl is also a very good student. She has known all her letters and their sounds for a long time. She knows all basic shapes and all her numbers up to 10. She can count to 29 and is starting to learn how to write. She has managed to write some first letters such as "E" and "F". And of course she can memorize songs really well. :-)
And as far as obedience goes, we're working on it. Hard. :-) Thankfully she's the cutest little redhead around. Saving grace.

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