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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Funnies - Abigail Special Edition

This time around it's an Abigail special edition. For some reason I've caught her more than Nathan this time around.

Abigail: "I like this stuffed animal giraffe. It's just so......squishy!"

Abigail to mama while Nathan and daddy were playing upstairs: "I have to go check on the boys."

Abigail: "Mama, can I have some medicine too?"
Me: "No, it's only for sick people."
Abigail upset: "But mama, I'm pretending to be sick!"

After I gave her regular yogurt: "That sure looks yummy. And tasty. And delicious!" (Never saw it that way...)

Abigail: "Cashews are very good for froggies and Abigails." (You learn something new every day.)

Abigail: "I used Nathan's googlies." (goggles)

Abigail, after I didn't put her lotion on fast enough: "Too slow, Joe! No way, Jose! See you later, Alligator!" (What just happened???)

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