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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Picture Post

Just in case you've missed pictures of the kids, here they are:

Reading a book at Grampy's with our favorite cousin and neighbor girls. You bet Grampy loved this.

Blowing out candles with Grandma. She had glaucoma surgery the day before. Tough cookie! Look at the cutie pie with the red pony tail! Can't believe she's finally got hair for it. She was one year old and barely had any hair.

Pirates in our house!!!! Captain Hook and Peter Pan to be exact. They are reading a challenge word. Nathan has been awesome at reading 6-7-letter words. However, he cannot read the word "animal". He just can't get it. He pronounces it almost correctly and his brain just won't let him know the word. It's become funny. Other words he's read are "cracker", "plastic", "fantastic", "rabbit", "cupcake".

A major accomplishment for Nathan. He's been patiently (and that's hard for a 4-year old boy) working with our old and grouchy, kid-disliking cat Daisy. She is finally responding to his hard work. That day she would lay next to him in the bed. The first time she didn't run away while he was allowed to pet her and lay next to her. He was a happy little boy.

Nathan's really been enjoying writing. Here he wrote one of the first times all by himself. He wrote "Nathan Bat." As in "Batman." Without anyone asking him, he's been sitting down daily and writing letters. He tries all of them, seeing if he can write them.

Two little monkeys.... Here we are having a muffin tin luncheon under the table in our "fortress." When daddy came, the little monkeys started climbing.

Abigail has learned how to walk on these stilts! She's also been practicing daily how to write. Currently we are writing exercise sheets from the internet that make her practice circles, upside down v-shapes, etc. She is very proud of her work and will also do 2-3 pages a day without urging.

Abigail wrestled Batman to the ground. (There goes the girly-girl and all dreams of pink tutus...) Then however, she decided to cuddle him.

Ever since Nathan started doing push-ups, he's actually grown a teeny, tiny muscle in his arm. He's so proud of this discovery, that he does push-ups on a regular basis. His muscle is the cutest little thing you've ever seen. He'll read this in a two years and go "Ow mom!"

Elmo doing his share of push-ups.

Abigail LOVES little things. And she carries an ungodly amount with her at any given time. These are all the toys she was carrying around with her that particular day. It's amazing how she manages to carry that many things in her tiny little hands without loosing any. She is a born waitress.

Having fun with their cute little cousin. While Abigail plays with her all the time, Nathan has been shy around her ever since she spit up on him when she was a baby. It was apparently traumatic. But on this day, he had a blast making her laugh.


  1. Great photos, Christine! Love the picture of Nathan on the bed with the kitty and the one of the two of them under the table being monkeys! So sweet! Thank you for sharing your sweet children with us!

  2. Love the first picture. A happy grandpy is one surrounded by all of his cute grandbabies!

    Also love the one with nathan and olive - nathan, abby and olive are turning out to be great friends.

  3. I love these pictures! That first one warms my heart . . . my sister just had a baby, and he's the first grandchild for my parents. They are finally getting to meet him this week, and I can't wait to see their faces as they interact with the little guy!
    And a tiny muscle?? That's just too adorable. =)