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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Abigail to Uncle Matze on the phone: "I'm Batgirl. .....(chatter, chatter, chatter, mostly incoherent)"
Matze: "Abby, I just can't understand you."
Abigail (annoyed): "I'm not Abby, I'm Batgirl!!!"

Nathan after playing a pretend baseball game with his Elmo and letting Elmo win: "Elmo, you're a player!" (And he looked so innocent!)

Abigail to Dada: "What are you making?"
Dada: "A garden bed."
Abigail: "Can we sleep in it tonight?"

Nathan in a deep, manly voice: "This is Superman calling." Then in high-pitched, 4-year old voice: "Hi dada."

Nathan who has been playing superheros non-stop for days: "I'm sick today. I can't fight that much."

Mama to Abigail: "Don't you want to be nice to Nathan?"
Abigail: "Let me think about that."

Abigail, apparently done with a phone conversation: "Well, (pause), that's all for now."

Abigail: "Can I go real quick?"
Mama: "Sure."
Abigail: "Don't eat my orange."
Mama: "Ok."
Abigail: "No really. Don't eat my orange."

Abigail: "Mama, where are my bunnies (craft project)?"
Mama: "Over there, right next to the stove."
Abigail panicked: "Don't cook them!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow Posting, Fast Life

Posting on my blog has been slow but life has been going faster than expected. It's already only a few more weeks until Isabelle will arrive and I think both David and I are in panic mode to get everything ready before she arrives. Of course, whenever we have a baby just about due, work stress is immense on my poor husband (but we are grateful because stress means you actually have work...). We have most of our projects done and some smaller ones still looming. But if she came today, we'd be fine of course. I've been pretty much VERY slow in doing simple tasks which is annoying but well, just the way it is right now. Seems that even cooking a meal is a task now. Grocery shopping is not my favorite anymore. Both those are tasks I used to cherish. Sitting on the couch, something I used to long for, is wayyyyyy overrated. Resting gets boring.... :-) But, I am whining. I do get to spend more time with my kids which is nice. We've been doing a lot of crafts, more regular homework and getting a lot more sit-down work like book keeping done. Surprisingly, I'm on the internet a lot less. David has taken over a lot of physical chores such as giving baths to the kids, etc, which is a nice little break and I'm so grateful for. There is guilt on my part because I do not feel as though I'm doing my job but as he kindly reminds me, my job is to make a baby. Working hard on that one. :-) Abigail keeps asking when the baby will finally come out of my belly. Nathan is getting really excited about his little niece Olive so I'm hoping wild boy will be excited about Isabelle too. He still forgets her name a lot. :-) Abigail prays for her all the time and sternly reminds everyone else to as well. But alas, everything is as it should be. Our last items needed are on their way thanks to a gracious gifts from uncle Chris we received. Even was the ecstatic recipient of a house cleaning gift from Grampy. One week before Isabelle's due date, a cleaning crew will thoroughly clean our house! How awesome is that? And my wonderful husband gifted me with tons of my favorite malabrigo yarn (probably to keep me on the couch resting... :-) ). We've got the garden finally taken care of, David and Nathan built the vegetables beds and we got our seeds planted, the house has gotten a few minor repairs (such as replacement blinds - although Abigail seems to break them faster than we can order them), car repairs and ring repairs taken care of, etc. So we've been really busy and maybe that is why time is flying. Hopefully life will slow down for the last two weeks.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Amaretto Tiramisu

This is my aunt Helga's recipe. There are no real measurements for this one, it's a hands-on one. :-) I believe she learned how to make this while in Sicily, where her husband is from. It's very good. Really good. Have not had it since I've last seen my aunt, and that's been a while...

Italian Tiramisu
This is a European recipe, so it goes by grams.

4 eggs
45g sugar
500g mascarpone (Italian creme-cheesy thing, comes in a tub, usually by the finer cheese section)
Espesso - brewed (enough to dip all your lady fingers)
1 package of lady fingers
Amaretto (small amount to taste)

Separate eggs.
Cream egg yolks and sugar (about 5 minutes)
Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (about 10 minutes)
Mix mascarpone and Amaretto with egg yolk mixture. Add amaretto but don’t let it get too runny.
Lift egg whites into Amaretto mixture.
Dip lady fingers into Espresso (quickly, each side, don't soak them) and put into casserole dish.
Layer dipped lady fingers and cream mixture like lasagna.
Keep in fridge overnight (we usually cover with something)
Dust with good cocoa powder before serving.
Enjoy! It’s very yummy. If you are like me, don’t eat too much. You’ll get drunk from the Amaretto….. Just kidding.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nesting Instinct

My nesting instinct has definitely set in. I think it's coupled with spring cleaning. So the days are spent running through the house and seeing one million things that need to be done by me before the baby arrives. :-) One such project that has been on my heart for quite some time is re-upholstering our dining room chairs. We bought them before we had kids and the sales man talked us into lighter fabric since it was after all Scotch guarded. Who would have thought of tomato spills that soak overnight, the Sharpie pen coloring marks, the glitter glue, and other various spills that just won't come out? This time around, we went for a pattern in darker colors.

Before picture. You really can't see how dingy and dirty the fabric is, but trust me, it was.

New and beautiful chairs! Love them so!

New and improved dining room (in process still). It makes me happy to walk by these chairs. Thankfully David helped me too. Because of the way the chairs are built, there were quite a few challenges and without him, I would have given up halfway, in tears. Thank you my wonderful hubby for helping me and making my days brighter with pretty chairs. :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

A post for my Sisters Crocheted and Knitted in Christ. Thank you so much girls; you made my week, my month.... :-) Here is what Gigi sent today:

The introductory letter. :-)

Yaya, I guess you get a picture of the belly after all....

The kids first thing they unwrapped was their kaleidoscopes. Abigail trying to figure out how to shut one eye.

Light-up yo-yos make little boys happy.

And another funny face. This is a bead dinosaur craft Gigi sent. Nathan was super excited. Abby got a kitty which made her very happy.

Nathan loves ImagiNext toys. He was very excited about this tow truck with a figurine.

Happy little girl, meet Polly Pocket. She got dressed and undressed all afternoon.

I've never seen scripture band-aids! Those are awesome. Was debating just opening them all up and reading them. I stayed controlled. Movie for our next movie night (Flushed Away).

A great bed-time story for me to read to the kids. It's next on the list.

Beautiful family frame. This will go on my nightstand.

We lost the kids after they unwrapped their presents. Only a piece of the Dove chocolate Gigi sent could temporarily bring them back.

Gigi had wrapped some presents in beautiful pink and glittery ribbon. We found new use for it...

Beautiful, just gorgeous bonnet Gigi made out of a vintage hankie.

Lovely sleeper with embroidery on it (reminded me of Linda/Nelsa).

Look at those burp cloths that Gigi made! They are the perfect size. She got me a hole bunch of them.

This is so precious. A WillowTree trinket box. Will most likely put baby girl's first locks in here.

Here is everything. Look at the gorgeous baby blanket in pink and white stripe/blue and white birds. Love it! Also, the burp cloths have a matching Wiener dog. How cute. Abigail is trying to take that one. She wanted to sleep with it tonight. So she's keeping it warm for baby sister. Dove chocolate! With toffee. Oh, so good. And look at the absolutely cute knitted pink hat over the book. Sooooo cute. It has a little ribbon on it too. Can't wait to put it on baby.

Close ups.

Abigail doing her bead craft. She was more into the pretty colors than actually doing the pattern. That's just fine with us.

Nathan with his finished dinosaur. He's sad because he's all done and wants to iron it. He has to wait until sister is finished.

Gigi, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is so generous and thoughtful. To all of you, really, I'm very humbled by your kindness.

Best of April Fools

This year the kids really got into April Fools jokes. Not that they have mastered the art yet, but it's cute to see them try. Here are the best so far. (And believe me, there were about 1,000 to choose from. I'm not kidding you.)

"Mama, your hair is green! What happened? April fools!"
"Nathan took my toy! April fools!"
"April fools! April fools! April fools!" (Is there higher logic to this one?)
"Mama, your hair is green! What happened? April fools! I keep saying that 'cause I like that joke." (Yep, heard it at least 30+ times)

"Abby lied to me! April fools!"
"Abby is running around naked upstairs. April fools!"
"Abby is a tummy. April fools!" (I believe that one is true. The girl can eat non-stop.)
The sneakiest one: "But dada said we could watch a movie!" After I firmly said "no," he continues "April fools!"
"I want to be a bad boy! April fools!" (Thank goodness.)

The best: "I spilled my strawberry milk on the carpet." Waiting for me to have a heart attack, then "April fools!"

After 30 minutes of Abigail and him telling me April Fools jokes non-stop, Nathan asks me: "Did you know I was tricking you?" No, not a clue.