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Friday, April 15, 2011

Amaretto Tiramisu

This is my aunt Helga's recipe. There are no real measurements for this one, it's a hands-on one. :-) I believe she learned how to make this while in Sicily, where her husband is from. It's very good. Really good. Have not had it since I've last seen my aunt, and that's been a while...

Italian Tiramisu
This is a European recipe, so it goes by grams.

4 eggs
45g sugar
500g mascarpone (Italian creme-cheesy thing, comes in a tub, usually by the finer cheese section)
Espesso - brewed (enough to dip all your lady fingers)
1 package of lady fingers
Amaretto (small amount to taste)

Separate eggs.
Cream egg yolks and sugar (about 5 minutes)
Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (about 10 minutes)
Mix mascarpone and Amaretto with egg yolk mixture. Add amaretto but don’t let it get too runny.
Lift egg whites into Amaretto mixture.
Dip lady fingers into Espresso (quickly, each side, don't soak them) and put into casserole dish.
Layer dipped lady fingers and cream mixture like lasagna.
Keep in fridge overnight (we usually cover with something)
Dust with good cocoa powder before serving.
Enjoy! It’s very yummy. If you are like me, don’t eat too much. You’ll get drunk from the Amaretto….. Just kidding.

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