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Friday, April 1, 2011

Best of April Fools

This year the kids really got into April Fools jokes. Not that they have mastered the art yet, but it's cute to see them try. Here are the best so far. (And believe me, there were about 1,000 to choose from. I'm not kidding you.)

"Mama, your hair is green! What happened? April fools!"
"Nathan took my toy! April fools!"
"April fools! April fools! April fools!" (Is there higher logic to this one?)
"Mama, your hair is green! What happened? April fools! I keep saying that 'cause I like that joke." (Yep, heard it at least 30+ times)

"Abby lied to me! April fools!"
"Abby is running around naked upstairs. April fools!"
"Abby is a tummy. April fools!" (I believe that one is true. The girl can eat non-stop.)
The sneakiest one: "But dada said we could watch a movie!" After I firmly said "no," he continues "April fools!"
"I want to be a bad boy! April fools!" (Thank goodness.)

The best: "I spilled my strawberry milk on the carpet." Waiting for me to have a heart attack, then "April fools!"

After 30 minutes of Abigail and him telling me April Fools jokes non-stop, Nathan asks me: "Did you know I was tricking you?" No, not a clue.

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