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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Abigail to Uncle Matze on the phone: "I'm Batgirl. .....(chatter, chatter, chatter, mostly incoherent)"
Matze: "Abby, I just can't understand you."
Abigail (annoyed): "I'm not Abby, I'm Batgirl!!!"

Nathan after playing a pretend baseball game with his Elmo and letting Elmo win: "Elmo, you're a player!" (And he looked so innocent!)

Abigail to Dada: "What are you making?"
Dada: "A garden bed."
Abigail: "Can we sleep in it tonight?"

Nathan in a deep, manly voice: "This is Superman calling." Then in high-pitched, 4-year old voice: "Hi dada."

Nathan who has been playing superheros non-stop for days: "I'm sick today. I can't fight that much."

Mama to Abigail: "Don't you want to be nice to Nathan?"
Abigail: "Let me think about that."

Abigail, apparently done with a phone conversation: "Well, (pause), that's all for now."

Abigail: "Can I go real quick?"
Mama: "Sure."
Abigail: "Don't eat my orange."
Mama: "Ok."
Abigail: "No really. Don't eat my orange."

Abigail: "Mama, where are my bunnies (craft project)?"
Mama: "Over there, right next to the stove."
Abigail panicked: "Don't cook them!"

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