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Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

A post for my Sisters Crocheted and Knitted in Christ. Thank you so much girls; you made my week, my month.... :-) Here is what Gigi sent today:

The introductory letter. :-)

Yaya, I guess you get a picture of the belly after all....

The kids first thing they unwrapped was their kaleidoscopes. Abigail trying to figure out how to shut one eye.

Light-up yo-yos make little boys happy.

And another funny face. This is a bead dinosaur craft Gigi sent. Nathan was super excited. Abby got a kitty which made her very happy.

Nathan loves ImagiNext toys. He was very excited about this tow truck with a figurine.

Happy little girl, meet Polly Pocket. She got dressed and undressed all afternoon.

I've never seen scripture band-aids! Those are awesome. Was debating just opening them all up and reading them. I stayed controlled. Movie for our next movie night (Flushed Away).

A great bed-time story for me to read to the kids. It's next on the list.

Beautiful family frame. This will go on my nightstand.

We lost the kids after they unwrapped their presents. Only a piece of the Dove chocolate Gigi sent could temporarily bring them back.

Gigi had wrapped some presents in beautiful pink and glittery ribbon. We found new use for it...

Beautiful, just gorgeous bonnet Gigi made out of a vintage hankie.

Lovely sleeper with embroidery on it (reminded me of Linda/Nelsa).

Look at those burp cloths that Gigi made! They are the perfect size. She got me a hole bunch of them.

This is so precious. A WillowTree trinket box. Will most likely put baby girl's first locks in here.

Here is everything. Look at the gorgeous baby blanket in pink and white stripe/blue and white birds. Love it! Also, the burp cloths have a matching Wiener dog. How cute. Abigail is trying to take that one. She wanted to sleep with it tonight. So she's keeping it warm for baby sister. Dove chocolate! With toffee. Oh, so good. And look at the absolutely cute knitted pink hat over the book. Sooooo cute. It has a little ribbon on it too. Can't wait to put it on baby.

Close ups.

Abigail doing her bead craft. She was more into the pretty colors than actually doing the pattern. That's just fine with us.

Nathan with his finished dinosaur. He's sad because he's all done and wants to iron it. He has to wait until sister is finished.

Gigi, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This is so generous and thoughtful. To all of you, really, I'm very humbled by your kindness.

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  1. WhooHoo belly shot... I love it !!! Belly pics are precious! I do pray you enjoy your SC&KiC Baby Shower!!