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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow Posting, Fast Life

Posting on my blog has been slow but life has been going faster than expected. It's already only a few more weeks until Isabelle will arrive and I think both David and I are in panic mode to get everything ready before she arrives. Of course, whenever we have a baby just about due, work stress is immense on my poor husband (but we are grateful because stress means you actually have work...). We have most of our projects done and some smaller ones still looming. But if she came today, we'd be fine of course. I've been pretty much VERY slow in doing simple tasks which is annoying but well, just the way it is right now. Seems that even cooking a meal is a task now. Grocery shopping is not my favorite anymore. Both those are tasks I used to cherish. Sitting on the couch, something I used to long for, is wayyyyyy overrated. Resting gets boring.... :-) But, I am whining. I do get to spend more time with my kids which is nice. We've been doing a lot of crafts, more regular homework and getting a lot more sit-down work like book keeping done. Surprisingly, I'm on the internet a lot less. David has taken over a lot of physical chores such as giving baths to the kids, etc, which is a nice little break and I'm so grateful for. There is guilt on my part because I do not feel as though I'm doing my job but as he kindly reminds me, my job is to make a baby. Working hard on that one. :-) Abigail keeps asking when the baby will finally come out of my belly. Nathan is getting really excited about his little niece Olive so I'm hoping wild boy will be excited about Isabelle too. He still forgets her name a lot. :-) Abigail prays for her all the time and sternly reminds everyone else to as well. But alas, everything is as it should be. Our last items needed are on their way thanks to a gracious gifts from uncle Chris we received. Even was the ecstatic recipient of a house cleaning gift from Grampy. One week before Isabelle's due date, a cleaning crew will thoroughly clean our house! How awesome is that? And my wonderful husband gifted me with tons of my favorite malabrigo yarn (probably to keep me on the couch resting... :-) ). We've got the garden finally taken care of, David and Nathan built the vegetables beds and we got our seeds planted, the house has gotten a few minor repairs (such as replacement blinds - although Abigail seems to break them faster than we can order them), car repairs and ring repairs taken care of, etc. So we've been really busy and maybe that is why time is flying. Hopefully life will slow down for the last two weeks.

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