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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life with Isabelle

Life has been super busy but wonderful with little Isabelle around. After her first few days were those of easy sleep, she has now developed into a little night owl. But she is very healthy and very adorable. So we forgive the sleepless nights.... :-) Thankfully my mom is still here and gets me caught up on sleep.
Isabelle is a very lovely little lady. She is very strong already, can lift her neck and head and is pushing up on her arms when laying on your chest. She's already turned halfway over three times now that I know of. She loves to be held. That is for certain. She laughs quite frequently, even out loud in her sleep (we like to pretend it is not due to gas...). Turns her head when she hears a voice to face them. And is just all around adorable. Oh, and as for our babies, we actually got one with hair! :-)
Abigail has been super attached to me and needs much of my attention. She is also a great baby helper, accompanying me on feedings, getting me diapers and helping me with all things Isabelle. Nathan is a great big brother who loves to greet Isabelle in his high-pitched Isabelle voice. He calls her "burrito" with a Mexican accent as we used to wrap her like one when she was first born (swaddle). He loves to hold her as well. Both children pride themselves in being able to calm Isabelle down when she cries.
Isabelle, we've noticed, is also quite fond of her siblings. She will sleep well in the midst of their noise (and my kids can get loud - really loud), but when their sounds are silenced by sleep, she awakes as if something was missing.
Now the only question that remains is Nathan's: "Mama, why are there so many girls here now?" 'Cause that is how God made us.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


...was born on 05/12/11 at 12:45am. She weighed 7lbs and 12oz and is 19.5" long. We just love her. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Reasons I love My Husband

  1. He's my best friend - truly.
  2. He always encourages me.
  3. He sees the best in me.
  4. He's a fantastic father, just ask our kids.
  5. When I think of integrity, loyalty, faithfulness, I think of my husband.
  6. He loves my food.
  7. His smile gives me butterflies, after almost 11 years.
  8. He spoils me.
  9. Whatever is important to me, is important to him.
  10. He's always there for me.
  11. His world revolves around his family.
  12. I can trust him completely.
  13. He puts up with my insanely loud snoring when I'm pregnant. :-)
  14. To him, I'm always beautiful.
  15. He would lay down his life for us, no questions asked.
Just a few of the reasons I'm utterly in love with my husband. Marriage is a gift from God. In my case, it's what makes my world go round.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Waiting Game

My mind was set on thinking that Isabelle would come a week overdue. That way, if she came early, it would be great and if she really was overdue, the last few weeks wouldn't be such mental torture. But nothing in life is predictable. :-) So of course I started having contractions and cramps (labor pains, not Braxton Hicks). I've had them a few times now but they never went anywhere. Of course now I think every day "Maybe she'll come today?" And I have two more weeks until her due date. It'll be a loooooonnnnnggg two weeks...