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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Waiting Game

My mind was set on thinking that Isabelle would come a week overdue. That way, if she came early, it would be great and if she really was overdue, the last few weeks wouldn't be such mental torture. But nothing in life is predictable. :-) So of course I started having contractions and cramps (labor pains, not Braxton Hicks). I've had them a few times now but they never went anywhere. Of course now I think every day "Maybe she'll come today?" And I have two more weeks until her due date. It'll be a loooooonnnnnggg two weeks...


  1. Just be sure that you have a way to let us at SC&KTiH know!!!

  2. I remember when I was pregnant with Daniel, my second baby, the Dr. examined me and said, (seriously) "Anytime in the next 48 hours!". I was so excited, I went home and absolutely went nuts - cleaning my house, doing laundry, cooking and freezing food. Aaaaaaand he didn't come for another 11 days. I was all, "BUT MY BATHROOMS ARE CLEAN. WHERE IS HE?" Ha!
    Your sweet baby will be here soon - can't wait to meet her!

  3. That's hilarious (now, not then). Malpractice??? That's what I think this child will do! She'll be overdue. And I'll have to clean my bathrooms over and over...