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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Isabelle at Six Weeks

I guess I'm a little late on her one month update. :-) She's a wonderful little lady and just the best baby anyone could wish for. She sleeps a lot, is content when awake and goes to bed easily in the middle of the night for me. We had some figuring out to do since she has acid reflux and doesn't take well to me eating chocolate (it gives her tummy cramps). Then she stopped eating for a little while and we haven't figured out what that was all about. In the meantime, I'm only eating white and clear foods and am slowly adding other foods to my diet to figure out what it was she so disliked. She's gained a lot of weight despite these challenges and is already 10lbs and 2oz as of Monday.
She is our first pacifier baby. She LOVES her binkie. Goodness does she love it. But she does spit it out as soon as she has calmed down, so hopefully it won't be a bad habit to break. Although she at first did not like to be swaddeled, she now loves to be bound up like a burrito. Hence, the kids call her "burrito" (with a Mexican accent). She's also known as "pick-a-boo" and "sweetie pie". All of those names originated with Nathan.
She loves to splash her feet in warm water and is now ok with baths. Getting out of the warm water and hitting the cold air is not something she likes. And she lets you know with the saddest little baby cry face you have ever seen. So sad but oh so cute. She loves to ride in the car and likes her baby swing.
When she goes to sleep, she seems very upset and needs to hold on to something as tight as she can (and that girl is strong!). She's partially rolled over twice, scooted herself over a big Boppy pillow twice and can hold up her head pretty well. And baby acne seems to be going away.
She adores Nathan who is amazingly gentle with her and spends a lot of time with her. Both him and Abigail join Isabelle for tummy time every day. Isabelle is not so sure about Abigail yet because Abigail gets very excited around her and sometimes just too excited. The last two days Abigail did very well though and Isabelle quickly responded to it. Her siblings soothe Isabelle very much. When she hears them, she sleeps easier and can go to sleep without soothing. At night, when her siblings are asleep, we have to hold her which is a great time though, 'cause we get to spend quality time with her. Isabelle also tries to see them when she hears them and turns her head toward their voice. When they play with her and talk to her, she makes her happy sound. Can't wait to see how these three will interact with each other as they grow up together. I just love our family of five.