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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Ain't Easy Being A Superhero

Our house has its fair shares of superheros. There is Batman and Batgirl who visit quite frequently. Then there is Superman who has been hanging around more often lately. Aquaman was here a while ago but maybe something happened to his green gardening gloves that he wore since we haven't seen him recently. And of course, there is Green Lantern. All these guys (and girls on occasion) keep our house safe. (You wouldn't believe how many "bad guys" run around here. I'm amazed we've made it this far without them stealing all our food - since that is what bad guys apparently do.) Although yesterday Superman's arm got mangled by a crocodile which entered our house through the bathtub drain. (I'm telling you, it's rough out here.) I digress.
One of our superheroes however had a bad mishap. While trying to leap off the kitchen barstool and attempting to fly, Green Lantern was brutally reminded that apparently, he can't fly. He landed harshly on the floor, on his elbow. Not wearing his protective gear or any part of his uniform, he broke his arm. As is usual for superheroes, he was super tough. Daddy masterly got Nathan through this painful time in his life. We realized the bone was broken by looking at it and were hoping (although we kind of knew better) that is wasn't a break. Maybe it's just an elbow that needs to be put back in place...
All of us minus Abigail headed to the ER and Nathan endured a painful car ride. Once the doctor had seen Nathan, he pretty much told us the bone was broken. He ordered x-rays and Nathan was freaked out of an IV for pain medication. He opted to not have it and had x-rays taken the painful way, being the tough little guy he is. X-rays came back and confirmed the break. However, if a boy had to have a broken bone, apparently the way he broke it was THE way to break it. Nothing was displaced and Nathan did not need surgery. He needed a splint/half cast until his swelling went down and he could have his permanent cast placed. Permanent cast most likely only needed for 4 weeks. Amazingly, my type A personality child adjusted to the cast impressively well. Usually things like that bug him and he gets really upset over it. The cast he is proud of (maybe because everybody stops him and asks what happened - so if you see a kid with a cast, ask him/her - it'll make their day).
We went to get his permanent cast 4 days later. Nowadays you get to pick your color. And guess what they have? ...... Pause for dramatic answer: .....Glow in the dark casts! Yep, that is exactly what he got. And it glows green in the dark. So he is Green Lantern after all. :-)


  1. Mein Spatz der Superhero
    oma nicht Grandma HIHI

  2. :-) Uroma ist seit gestern "die andere Oma"