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Monday, July 11, 2011


Abigail lied and got a time-out.
Mama: "...and that's why you have a punishment."
Abigail: "But Jesus took my punishment." (Don't you hate it when they are smarter than you???"

Abigail: "What day is it?"
Mama: "Thursday."
Abigail: "No, it's Sunday. The sun is out."

Abigail trying to use a newly learned word: " the meanwhile..."

Nathan, talking to someone at Fred Meyer about how he broke his arm jumping off a bar stool, pretending to be Green Lantern.
Person: "You'll think twice about flying like Green Lantern."
Nathan: "Yes! Next time I'll jump off the couch instead."

Abigail: "Mama! I went without attitude."

Abigail: "My oatmeal is not putting smoke out of it." (Back off. I can cook oatmeal, ok!)

Abigail: "Then we will run the bad guys over with the car."
Mama: "No, we won't run them over with the car."
Abigail: "Why, mama?"
Nathan: "Because the Bible says we should love our villains."

Nathan teaching Abigail about life: "Some things look like fun but they aren't. Like when I jumped off the chair and broke my arm."

Nathan while watching a documentary on Mt. St. Helens eruption: "They saved 698 people from tons & tons of death."

Abigail after she returned from the beach: "Mama! I touched a sea enemy!" (Sea Anemone)

Abigail explaining a newfound truth to me: "If you're asleep and you wanna be awake, you're gonna throw attitude."

Nathan: "Dada! Is that Frozen Land?"
David: "Huh?"
Nathan: "Where we got the ice cream?"
David: "Cold Stone?"
Nathan: "Yes."

David: "Check the UPS." (He meant GPS.)

Nathan after Isabelle was born: "Why do we have so many girls?"

Nathan injured his foot and came to me to show me.
Nathan: "That is blood, not ketchup."

Abigail using the potty.
Mama: "Don't dip down in the toilet."
Abigail: "Yes, 'cause then I'll flush down."

Abigail after hearing the Doppler at my midwife appointment: "Now the baby comes out!"

I hate to admit it, but during my pregnancy the kids watched wayyyyyy too much TV. Wanna know how I know?

Abigail while playing with Strawberry Shortcake: "We'll return back to our regularly scheduled program, right here at the HUB."


Nathan: "Ok, mama, you are the Chef and I'm the Iron. (Iron Chef on Food Network) You burned the shrimp a little. (I did NOT!) Try not to do that anymore. But the corn is really good and the rice is delicious."

Abigail after I served lunch: "Mama, you are chopped." (Chopped, also on Food Network) (Guess they didn't like my food...)

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