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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wedding Planner

2011 has been a good year for my family. First, Isabelle was born. Then Alexander and Kathrin got married. It's David and my 10-year anniversary (!!) and it's my mom's 60th birthday later in the year. But that's not all folks! My middle brother, Martin ,or Matze as we call him, and Mandy got married too! And guess what? They did it over here! So I was able to attend at least one of my brother's weddings.

Mandy and Matze fell in love with the Oregon Coast. So that is where they wanted to get married. Thankfully Oregon has an very easy marriage application process. They were able to get it all done while they were on vacation here. Paperwork, wedding and even a 4-day honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii all fit into their three weeks vacation. Now honestly, how many people do you know that take a vacation during their vacation?

Since I happen to love wedding pictures, you will have to endure with me. :-) Aren't you just lucky?

Oh yes, and I was the wedding planner. But really, I didn't give any visions or ideas (other than honeymoon destination) since I'm not good at coming up with my own ideas. I am however good at getting things done, so once I got my orders from them, all was put into place. My family worked hard on this wedding. :-) I was also the baker, the photographer, David the videographer, the driver, the organizer on the day of, Abigail the flower girl, Nathan the leaf boy (more on this later) and Isabelle the cutie pie everyone needs for their wedding.

These are some shots we took after the ceremony. I tried to go all artsy on this shot.... :-)

This is Mandy's first view of the beach. Matze is waiting with the minister. He had also ordered a small group of singers and a guitar player with which he surprised Mandy. They sang her favorite song "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill.

Nathan always brought flowers for me and leafs for dad (since boys don't like flowers like girls do). When we explained the flower girl to Nathan, he was very concerned that no one was throwing leafs for Matze. Hence, the leaf boy. :-)

Mandy's expression when she first realized she had a live band. Pictures are slightly out of order for some reason. Sorry about that...

This is the cake I made them. The butterflies are edible wafers and they were awesome. I got them on Etsy from Sugar Robot. Mandy's greatest love other than Matze are her cats. Since they couldn't be there, we put them on the cake as a topper. They are figurines we had made by Peanutbutterbandit on Etsy as well.

My sister-in-law Megan has this in her house and the sign was perfect for the wedding. So Megan made me one for them as well.

It was a very windy day and so the veil was lost after a little while. :-)

Look at that Southern Belle!

Matze and Mandy did not know of the American tradition of "feeding of the cake." One of the musicians explained it to them and they caught on very quickly. :-)
I had about 3 heart attacks here. Mandy kept tilting the plate. You have to remember that this is red food coloring saturated cake and we are in a rental house that has very light carpet. All went well though. :-)

This was neat. Mandy decided to get married barefoot, with her toes in the sand.

This captures their goofy side.

The inspiration for this "western"-themed wedding came from old time photographs they took in Lincoln City during their last trip.

You knew I had to get shots of my kids in there, right?


  1. Vielen Vielen Vielen Vielen..........Dank
    an euch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Es war einfach eine traumhafte Hochzeit die ihr uns beschert habt.
    De Matze und et Mandy
    Und ihr seid Schuld ;-)

  2. Wieso seid ihr schuld he
    gut geplant weddingplaner