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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dathan Days

Dathan Days is now the official title of the days that Nathan and Daddy spent together by themselves. Guy time, you know.
A while ago David and I decided it would be good for the kids if each one of us spent quality time with each one of them. Like a mama/child and daddy/other child dates. Now that parents are officially outnumbered by children in this family, it's usually a date that daddy has with one child while mama and the other two children do something special at home. These days are highly anticipated by our children and they absolutely love that special time they get by themselves. I can only recommend this practice.
Usually these days involve something very fun for the child to do. This doesn't have to cost much and usually something simple does it. Nature outings are high on the list. :-) If the outing is relaxing to dad (who doesn't get much time off at all), then all the better.
For this particular Dathan Day, David took Nathan fishing. This is something they both really enjoy and David is hoping that Nathan will like this as he gets older.
Mama can't wait until she can join in the fishing fun again once all the kids are old enough to go. I can't get myself to get too far from all the kids where cell phones can't reach us. But just looking at the pictures of the scenery around them, I'm aching to go.

Proud daddy with his son. As a memory for Nathan, I printed this, framed it and put it on his night stand. He loves looking at it as he goes to sleep.

Do you find it ironic that he is fishing, wearing a "Finding Nemo" t-shirt?

Yikes, hooked it in the wrong spot. Rest assured, all fish were released and none were harmed (other than their pride).

Pretty cool bull frog.

Nathan is becoming more and more adventurous and daring. Here he wanted to fish from a rock. That's the difference between mama and dada. Daddy lets you do that and you can be a man. Have you read the book "Wild at Heart"? Good read on this subject. Every mom should read it.

Look at the little guy, growing up too fast....
What a great memory for him. I love my husband for giving those memories to our kids.

On the way back, they found a cool playground. There were geese there as well. Here Nathan is sensing that something is not quite right.

Apparently these geese were NOT friendly. Nathan is inside the van. David didn't trust the geese anymore after they started chasing Nathan.

This summer Nathan successfully tackled the monkey bars. That was a big feat for him and he's very proud.

He is pushing himself more and more. Although this made him uneasy, he pushed himself to climb all the way to the top.

The boys ended their special day with a nice meal at a family restaurant. Nathan was super excited when he got home. And daddy felt good about that special time they had together. Thank you, my love, for taking Nathan on such a great adventure. He loved every minute of it.