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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meal Planning

For some reason and despite meal planning, I only managed to cook two of the meals for dinner that was actually on the menu! Yet we did have dinner every night. That's the nice thing about a stocked pantry, things can get whipped up quickly.

Muesli Parfaits - Ellie Krieger
Oatmeal cooked in milk with honey & maple syrup
Pancakes - Ellie Krieger
Waffles we made last week

Our lunches are always platters of fruit, cheeses, veggies, yogurt, sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs and the likes.

Lasagna (already made this on Sunday evening)
Tacos (one night only as I have taco shells leftover from last week)
White Chicken Chili
Pasta with Alfredo sauce and Sauteed Shrimp
Chicken Cacchiatore (Ellie Krieger - I use my immersion blender to make the sauce smooth for the kids) with Mashed Potatoes

Ritz crackers with peanut butter (and honey for Nathan)
Carrots from the garden for Abigail
Fruits and veggies
Rice Krispies

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