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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dabby Days

Just like David took Nathan on a Dathan day (see previous post), he took Abigail to a Dabby (Daddy and Abby day). Since he took Nathan fishing, that is what Abigail wanted to do. However, she did not quite have the endurance for fishing. :-) They also strolled through the mall and a learning store. David took Abigail to a Chuckie Cheese as well and they ended their outing with a nice meal at a restaurant, just talking. (That is after all what Abby's do best.) Here are some pictures of their adventures:

Abigail quite enjoyed throwing their bait in the water - without being attached to any hooks.

Looking pretty fishing.

Pouting is what Abby's do really well. She loves to pose for pictures with different faces.

Hugs and squeezes for Daddy.

Beautiful scenery.

Salmon eggs make a mess when you squish them...

Oh, but it's so much fun!

This remind me of Trace Adkins' song "She thinks we are just fishing" about a dad and a girl going fishing. There is just something so sweet about a dad and his girl spending quality time together.