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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Abigail, spotting orange Oreo cookies at Grampy's house: "So Grampy is decorating for Halloween!"

Nathan being cold: "I'm frosty."

As we were trying to figure out how to get a hold of the kids' grandma (Oma) in Germany, who has no answering machine:
Nathan: "But what if Oma isn't home?"
Mama: "We'll just call her again later."
Abigail: "But what if she goes outside on the road and gets run over by a car?"

Nathan, while explaining how he is the fastest runner: "I don't really use that super speed."

Abigail: "Mama is handsome!" (Did I just get a compliment or was I insulted???)

Mama: "Abby?"
Abigail: "Sh! I'm concentrating!"

Nathan telling a story: "A long, long, long time ago... One day before Grampy was born, they used to think the moon was flat as cheese." (Apparently Grampy is much older than he lets on.)

Nathan: "Mama, I just had a bunch of heart attacks!" (A bit dramatic, are we?)

Nathan, pointing at a fitness club: "Look, the muscle studio."

At our friend Kevin's house (a police officer), Nathan is eyeing his police car: "Are there any bad guy in there?"

Abigail: "Sham-poo? Is there any poo in the sham?"

Mama: "Don't poke Isabelle in the eye. That hurts."
Abigail: "But I gave her kisses first."

Abigail, suddenly crying in the store, holding her bear.
Mama: "Abigail, what is wrong?"
Abigail: "The bear and I just grew apart. I grew up and he stayed little." (Oh, the drama. Can't wait for the teenage years....)

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  1. They seriously say the funniest, cleverest things out of every kid I know. Clearly, you parents model great vocabulary for them.