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Friday, November 4, 2011

Has This Happened To You?

Nathan has started to play soccer and practices often with his dad. The last time they practiced, it had rained, so Nathan was really muddy. Apparently when he plays soccer, he scoots across the lawn on his knees.... I think he took off his clothes and put them underneath his knees while he was scooting... (Just kidding but that's how dirty he was).
Anyways, I gave him a bath and after a lot of soap and some scrubbing, his knees were very clean. His shins however were still dirty. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing until the poor boy begged me to stop. Just couldn't understand why that dirt wouldn't come off. We had to inspect this more closely. Oops! There I was scrubbing away his newly appearing leg hair!
Goodness, my baby has leg hair. Is that even legal at 5 years old? Next thing you know he'll sport a mustache...

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