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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Soccer Mom!

Yes, I'm proud of it! :-) I even have the van!
Nathan is playing his first ever team sport and it is so cute. Bunch of little boys and girls, all chasing the ball and occasionally even taking the ball from their own team mates. At least they don't stop to play in the mud. Although they all got pretty side-tracked for the two weeks large quantities of caterpillars appeared around the soccer fields...

The little man in soccer attire. My family is very proud. They are soccer-loving Germans, you know. I'm sure there is a tear in the eyes of the German uncles. He is part of the "Green Team."

Nathan is one of the youngest ones on his team. He is doing really well. Seems he's found a real love for playing soccer. He even plays it during recess at school, every day. Funny thing is that he never knows who is on his team except for one child from his Green Team. So I asked him what do you do if you have the ball? He said he just passes to Austin (his "Green Team" team mate). I guess that works.

Over the past few weeks Nathan has worked hard and improved quite a bit. When he is at home, he takes his soccer ball and practices by himself for long periods of time. Anytime dada or an uncle want to take him out for practice (this is usually once a day), he is very excited.

There are still a lot of situations where Nathan doesn't know quite what to do and only experience will help. I'm sure he'll be happy to get more experience in soccer. He does have a lot of fun, made some friends and has a great attitude. David has been vital with the attitude, always focusing Nathan on the right way to think.

One thing about Nathan, he has the hardest time remembering people's names. Kids from his class will come up to him and talk to him and he has no idea what their names are. He does however know everyone on his soccer team!

Abigail is here physically. :-) She'd much rather be at the playground with her new friend(s). Two boys have blond-haired sisters and at first she was convinced that both of them were the same girl. Now she understands they are not. She's been very excited to go to Nathan's practices where she can play with her little friends.

Nathan as goal-keeper. They trade off who is the goal-keeper. I couldn't handle the stress of being a goalie.

Be a wall!

Even cousin Olive came to support her Nathan. Mom Megan knitted both the hat and the jacket. Super cute. I'm sure that is all the soccer-minded people can think about...

See, told you they all run in a solid group. It's cute.


  1. Oma is making a German rhyme, basically saying "Forward Nathan, another Goal". It rhymes in German.