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Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Moment

Oh, how I wish to stay in this moment forever. This Christmas will most likely be one of the best we will ever have. So I will drink it up. Every minute of it.
Having the little chubby-cheeked, rosy-faced babe in my arms. Most likely our last little one. With her little tiny chubby toes that just beg to be kissed. Her cute little smile and her ever smiling eyes. Her excitement when she sees her siblings. She kicks and smiles and yells at them. She lights up completely when daddy enters the room. She feels so comforted by me. I can carry her for hours and she is so content as long as she is with mommy.
Then there is the little redhead whose songs fill our house. She loves her music. She's so full of life, most of the time she can't contain it. She is loud and just must be heard. She is so sweet and yet so defiant. Her little curls and her still little girl cheeks. Her big eyes and her even bigger smile. Her I-love-yous are freely and generously given. "Mama, you can sing with me." So I will.
And the little boy. In the corner of my eye I catch him running by. He is a sneaky ninja. But his excited giggles give him away. If he was allowed, he would run and jump all day, mostly of our furniture or his sisters. His smile too, is so very big. The Christmas lights in the window reflecting off his eyes. The excitement of it all. The wonder of it all. When is it Christmas he asks but he doesn't care as much as he used to. About the toys. When I asked him what he wanted, there was a long silence. He had to actually think about it. He already got what he wanted. Lots of time at home, with all of us. His little heart is happy.
Best of all, even the wonderful man I am blessed to share my life with has free time. His heart is free from worry. This does not happen often. As a provider and a business owner, he worries often. Too much. Not today. Not yesterday. And not tomorrow. He is just in the moment. He is happy and free. And he is loved. Deeply. So am I. I hold on with everything I have. This moment, I treasure it.


  1. So beautiful...I am so thankful to our God for this time for you. I identify with feeling the poignancy of holding the baby that might be it makes you savor those moments even more. God is so good. Merry Christmas---but I pray that many more will be as good and better. :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Merry Christmas to you as well. I know your Christmas will be just as blessed with your precious little ones. By the way, love Abel's glasses.