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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Nathan: "I hate french fries."
Abigail: "Nathan, don't say hate. Actually, I'm not your mommy so I can't say that."

On the way to the zoo.
Abigail: "Why is mama coming with us?"
David: "Don't you want her to come?"
Abigail: "But she talks funny." (????What????)

Abigail walking around: "The great unknown awaits us. We have been chosen."

Abigail, after trying juice for the first time, looks up at me: "Very interesting."

Uncle Chris looking at Abigail's dinner: "That looks yummy."
Abigail: "It's not at all yummy." (Yep, I cooked that meal with a lot of love...)

Abigail: "Mama, come over here. This is quite disappointing."

Mama to Abigail, who is pretending to be Wonderwoman: "Come over here, let me give you some smooches. "
Abigail earnestly: "Mama. Superheros don't like smooches.

Abby singing "John Jacob Jingelheimer Schmidt": "Joy, Jip, the people heimer slip...."

Nathan telling us about what he learned in school: "Then Abraham Lincoln and his wife went to a pizza place where he got shot." (Bet you never knew that?)

Abigail (very frustrated): "I'm just so difficult!"

Abigail: "Mama, you know how sad I am? All the way to the dessert!" (I'm thinking that is really sad?)

Abigail while getting dressed before going to bed: "I don't want Nathan to see me naked. He'll call me a naked buttsky." (That Nathan!)

Abigail laughing to herself: "I misunderstood myself."

Nathan: "But then you have to feed Isabelle and come to my school and then I'll be super wild so you won't have time to do that!" (Thanks for the heads-up...)

At school. The students are studying properties and they are looking at an uneaten cupcake in front of them.
Teacher: "What are some of the properties of this cupcake?"
Nathan: "It's scrumptious."

Abigail: "Azrael bites Superman."
Nathan: "But he's the man of steel."
Abigail: "Azrael bites his cape and his boots and his pants and then he's naked!" (Haha! What 'cha going to do now, Superman???)

Abigail: "I'm listening to strange a teen-a-ger."

Abigail listening to a country song and not understanding the words.
Abigail: "Do you know what that means? It means 'fence' in Germany."

Nathan and Abigail talking about when they grow up. They are heartbroken to find out that they cannot marry each other. Abigail was still set on marrying Nathan one day.
Nathan: "I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to marry someone else...(pause)...But you can marry someone with the name 'Nathan'.....(pause)....But he can't be your brother!"


  1. Lol!! I always say your kids say the funniest/cleverest things. Cuties.