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Saturday, January 28, 2012

There Once Was A Girl / Es war einmal...

There once was a girl who read with her Tag day in and day out. She did it for so long that her mother wondered if it was a good thing to do. The little girl would read in the morning, at lunch time, in the afternoon and in the evening. Her mother had to buy a lamp just for her so that she did not have to read in the dark. Her father was greatly worried about her eye sight. The little girl loved nothing more than reading. Well, maybe coloring. And a certain pink bear. But she did love reading. When she was barely four years old, her mother and her father and her brother were suddenly surprised when they realized what a great reader she had become. She could read very well. Everyone had assumed that because she was so great at memorizing, that she had just memorized all the books (which she indeed had). But when the library had sent some books for beginning readers, all were amazed at how great she did. And all were proud. Especially the little girl. The end.

Abigail in a nutshell: "Glamorous" glasses, dresses up, shoes on wrong foot, tons of stuffed animals, and of course fairy wings. (Abigail in Essence: "Glamoroese" Sonnenbrille, verkleidet, Schuhe an den falschen Fuss, sehr viele Stofftiere, und natuerlich Fehen Fluegel.)

Es gab einmal ein kleines Maedchen das gerne mit ihrem Tag tagein und tagaus las. Sie las so lange, das ihre Mutter sich wunderte ob dies gut fuer sie weare. Das kleine Maedchen las Morgens, Abends und zwischendrin. Ihre Mutter musste ihr sogar ihre eigene Leselampe kaufen. Ihr Vater wunderte sich ueber ihre Augen. Aber das kleine Maedchen liebte das Lesen so sehr. Als sie gerade vier Jahre alt war, merkten ihre Mutti, ihr Papa und ihr Bruder das sie eine sehr gute Leserin geworden war. Man hatte immer angenommen das sie die Buecher alle auswendig gelernt hatte (was sie auch gemacht hatte). Aber als die Buecherei Buecher geschickt hatte, wurde es allen bewusst und alle waren sehr stolz. Vor allem das kleine Maedchen. Das Ende.

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