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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Abigail, not wanting pineapple on her pizza: "I have to take the apple pies off."

Mama: "Have you guys brushed your teeth yet?"
Nathan: "No, we are being reckless."

Abigail wanting to read with her Tag instead of talking to Grampy on the phone: "Well, my Tag needs, bye!"

Nathan, dressed as a knight: "I'm wearing the golden crust (crest)."

Mama: "Who wrote the book of Proverbs?"
Abigail: "P.D. Eastman." (Author of one of her favorite books - Go, Dog, Go)

Proverbs 1:8 "... Don't turn away from your mother's teaching." (NIRV)
Mama: "What does that mean?"
Abigail: "That we can't get away from you." (Yep, we are back to reading children's bibles and I now know why there are children's bibles....)

Abigail: "How did you remember?"
Nathan: "I have great remembery."

Abigail, trying to pry Lego pieces apart: "Can you do this with your toughest finger?"

Abigail, chuckling at her own joke: "Funny. Very funny."

Mama enters Abigail's room in the morning and turns the lights on.
Abigail sits up straight and exclaims: "I'm going blind!"

Nathan telling Mama and Dada about a boy he played with by the name of Luke.
Mama: "What is Luke's name?" (Yep, they made me post this one. I wasn't going to....)

Abigail: "Then we can go to Old McDonald and get a Happy Meal." (McDonalds)

Abigail singing after Grandma gave her a singing bear: "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, you know the pile of you..." (supposed to be "that I love you").

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  1. Hi! It's megan's friend Bethany :) The P.D. Eastman answer cracked me up...that's so cute :)