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Monday, March 19, 2012

Of Hard Days and Dreams

Today's second half of the day was hard. Very hard. If you have red hair. And are 4. And your name is Abigail but your name "is also Abby." Then you had a very hard day. It might be because you skipped your nap. But you are definitely "not tired!" No, really, you aren't. That is precisely why you fell asleep 3 nano seconds after you uttered that statement with such gusto. And then daddy carried you upstairs and as you laid over his big shoulder you had a crooked smile that somehow told us you were really awake. Then your day got a little better because what little girl doesn't like to be carried by her daddy?

But alas, the day got longer yet again and life became overwhelming. Innocent brothers who truly and sincerely were trying to cheer you up where met with loud accusations of utter disrespect to your person. Unspeakable violence in the form of cheerful tickling was the charge. When a certain part of your dinner that was supposed to be in your tummy was found on the couch and this fact was simply pointed out to you, a wail of never before heard proportions echoed through our house, only to be overshadowed by the total collapse of a little tired body on the floor. It was just too much to bear. Although you were insistent that you were not tired, once in your bedroom, the cheerful little person that you are returned at the prospect of sleep. The utter excitement of magnets earned throughout the day for exemplary behavior, a fore bearer of sleep well earned, was welcoming smiles on that perfect little face of yours. Peacefully your ship took off to dreams unknown.

Now if mama would only be so wise to get much needed sleep. After all, Isabelle is teething...