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Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Frustrated and So Proud

Our littlest member of the family has entered a new stage. Frustration. Or maybe it is just a testing of vocal ability to make other family members seize all they do and immediately give you whatever you are yelling it. This works especially well with male members of the family who have already been well-trained by a little red-headed female. I won't mention any names. If the female members of the family do not move quickly enough, tears may be added to underline the seriousness of this utterly urgent request. A very sad face will always help. It usually works on even the busiest mama. She's got us all running. Especially when we are talking food and it isn't going to the mouth fast enough. What can I say, this is really my fault. They are my genes that I passed along to her. She can't help it. Dada tried to teach her to not yell at us when the food isn't coming fast enough the other night. She just outsmarted us and used the above mentioned tears to which our well-thought out response was to quickly capitulate. We are masters of parenting. And we also made sure that the food kept going into her mouth as fast as possible for the rest of the night. I guess we learned our lesson. After all, parents should always listen to their 10-month old.
But not all is lost. I also had a sense of pride with my middle child today. It has become somewhat of a tradition that Abigail and I watch the Pioneer Woman on Food Network. Nathan will watch too if her boys are featured. Abigail and me will talk about what lovely things Ree Drummond does for her family and how much love she shows for them through her food and care. You know, mother-daughter bonding. So today Abigail wanted to play with Playdoh. And she was the Pioneer Woman. She called her something else and it took me a while to figure out who she was. So after pretending for two weeks now that she is all sorts of Jedi or villains (to accompany Nathan's requests) or any other such un-girly thing, we finally had a girl in there! While she was chopping up Playdoh carrots, she would make her own background music and occasionally inform all "viewers" that she had "just a few more" or "only two more to chop." I'm so proud my girl is imitating a mama. :-)

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