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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Abigail, after being disciplined: "You made me sad!"
Mama: "Who chose to disobey?"
Abigail pointing at self.
Mama: "So who made you sad?"
Abigail: "The devil!"

Nathan, having made some bad throws in baseball due to bad form: "I'm losing my muscle."

Nathan: "Yesterday was a lot more fun than funnier."

Abigail: "Please....plaeeeezzzeee!  I'll be very...."
Mama: "Good?"
Abigail: "Happy!"

Nathan: "You know there are poisonous frogs?  Their skin is poisonous."
Mama: "So you can't touch them?"
Nathan: "No, you can't take a bite out of them."

Abigail, after I wrongfully thought she did something MINOR wrong: "I will always remember that."   Pause.  "Can you pray to God I will forget?"  (Dear future husband of my daughter, I feel your pain...)

Nathan, who is very tall for his age, talking about a child 2" shorter than him: "Then the tiny one batted."

Nathan at bedtime: "Can you close my closet door so I don't get freaked?"

Abigail, who just fell off the bed, entering the room and waving her arm wildly in the air: "My arm is smushed and broke!"

Hailey and Abigail playing in the backyard.  Hailey is attempting to slide down head first.
Abigail: "Hailey, don't!  You are going to break yourself!"

Nathan: "I'm getting toasted." (really warm)

Nathan, very upset: "Abby said the meanest thing ever!  The meanest thing she's EVER said!"
Mama: "What did she say?"
Nathan: "I can't remember."

Abigail singing: "Isabelly is better than a bad guy."  (I'm pretty sure it was a love song for her sister....)

Mama joking to Abigail: "You are a lazy little girl."
Abigail: "And a funny one."

Mama: "I cleaned your room for you."
Abigail: "Mama!  That's so nice of you.  We should do nice things for each other all the time.  You should do things I forget and I'll do things you forget."
Mama: "Oh great.  I'll forget to do laundry."
Abigail: "Not like that!"

Abigail, after some thinking about the above topic: "OK, I'll do chores....for money!"  (????)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friends / Freunde

A collaborated Lego project.  Left is the Ewoks home (Star Wars - boys) and on the right is where the Lego Friend lives (Lego Friends - girl).  There was much peace during the construction of this project.  :-)

These days Nathan and Abigail play great with each other more often than not.  This has been a longer road.  Nathan ignored Abigail mostly until she was about 18 months old.  When he could understand what she was saying and she was able to walk, they started to play (And yes, Abigail spoke in short sentences by 18 months old. This will not shock you if you know her.I).  Often times they had to figure out how to make this boy/girl thing work.  While Abigail wanted to sit and play girly things, Nathan has always been very physical and wants to just run and jump and wrestle; much to the dismay of his little sister who despises being wrestled.  Although at times she just wants to play with him so badly, she even tries her hand at wrestling.  Lately though, when they have time to play with each other, they seem to always manage to find some common ground that allows them to play with each other for hours. They have become very good friends.

Nathan und Abigail spielen in der letzten Zeit sehr viel miteinander.  Nathan ignorierte Abigail bis sie ungefaehr 18 Monate alt war.  Dann konnte er sie verstehen und sie konnte laufen.  (Und ja, Abigail sprach mit 18 Monaten kleine Saetze. Wenn Du Abby kennst, dann ist das fuer dich nich ueberraschend).  Meistens mussten sie aber darueber streiten, ob sie etwas maedchenhaftes oder etwas wildes spielen sollten.  Abigail will gerne sitzen und malen oder halt so etwas machen waehrend Nathan lieber wild herum laeuft und mit seiner Schwester kaempft, was sie hasst.  Aber in der letzten Zeit, verstehen sich die beiden gut.  Und sie haben gelernt Kompromiss zu machen wenn es zum spielen kommt.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Potty Party / Toiletten Party

As previously mentioned, since everyone around Abigail is having so many firsts, David and I have been making a real effort to not loose our middle child.  So we try to focus on any firsts or feats that she accomplishes.  Nathan was potty-trained in a day.  I'm not lying.  One day.  Actually, he peed his pants once and that was the end of it.  Unless he was sick, he never peed his pants again.  Abigail is quite a different story.  Now I knew this would happen.  If the first one was that easy, I still had to pay my dues, right?  It's been 1 1/2 years.  We are definitely mostly potty trained but there are still occasional accidents.  The biggest break-through was a few months ago.  She was really staying dry all the time.  For three weeks or so.  Therefore we decided to make her a little "potty party."  She wanted a cake with rainbow colors and rainbow frosting.  But in crazy places.  Not in order like a rainbow.  The child dislikes order.  A lot.  This is why she drops all her toys all over my house.  And why her room is always in disarray.  Why shoes are on the wrong foot and why clothes must not match.  But I digress...    She wanted a candle on it and it had to say "surprise".  She also knows exactly what she wants.  So we indulged her. The party was a big success.  With all members of the family.  (Deutsche Uebersetzung ganz unten.)

Dada pushed Abby into the cake.  Abigail (who is "also named Abby") loved this.  Although it is out of focus, I adore this picture of her.  It captures her spirit.  She is so full of life.
Papa stubbste Abigail in den Kuchen.  Abigail (die auch "Abby genannt wird") liebte das.  Obwohl das Bild nicht sehr scharf ist, liebe ich es.  Es zeigt ihr Wesentliches.  Sie ist so voll Leben.

Mama would not be outdone by Dada and so Nathan followed into Abigail's footsteps.  
Mutti wollte ja nicht hinter dem Papa her troedeln, also folgte Nathan Abigail in den Kuchen.

Well, Isabelle couldn't be left out...
Und Isabelle koennen wir ja nicht auslassen...

The potty party was a huge success.  Needless to say she peed her pants the next day... Abigail is also very stubborn.  :-)

Deutsche √úbersetzung:
Wie vorher schon erwaehnt, David und ich versuchen im Moment sehr aufzupassen wenn Abigail einen grossen Meilenstein erreicht.  Da ihre Geschwister andauern neue Dinge erleben, wie z.B. die ersten Schritte, erste Baseball Saison, usw, muessen wir uns halt wirklich auf Abigail konzentrieren, damit sie darin nicht unter geht.
Nathan war innerhalb eines Tages trocken.  Ehrlich.  Nicht gelogen.  Einen Tag.  Abigail - 1 1/2 Jahre.  Ich wusste ja des es schwieriger wird beim 2. Kind.  Muss ja noch meine Schulden zahlen.  Vor ein paar Monaten war sie endlich mal fuer drei Wochen trocken.  Also wollten wir sie anerkennen und wollten ihr eine Party machen.  Sie wollte einen Regenbogen Kuchen.  Aber nicht in einer Reihe wie der Regenbogen, nein ganz vermischt.  Abigail mag naemlich keine Ordnung.  Deshalb fliegen alle ihre Spielsachen in meiner Wohnung herum, deshalb sind die Schuhe immer am falschen Fuss und die Kleider passen nie zusammen... Aber wir gehen vom Thema weg.  Also machten wir ihr den perfecten Kuchen mit Kerze und "Ueberraschung" sollte auch auf dem Kuchen stehen. Also haben wir es so gemacht.  Die Party war ein Erfolg.

Die Toiletten Party war ein totaler Erfolg.  Natuerlich hat Abby den naechsten Tag in die Hose gemacht... Sie ist halt stur...  :-)