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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Abigail, after being disciplined: "You made me sad!"
Mama: "Who chose to disobey?"
Abigail pointing at self.
Mama: "So who made you sad?"
Abigail: "The devil!"

Nathan, having made some bad throws in baseball due to bad form: "I'm losing my muscle."

Nathan: "Yesterday was a lot more fun than funnier."

Abigail: "Please....plaeeeezzzeee!  I'll be very...."
Mama: "Good?"
Abigail: "Happy!"

Nathan: "You know there are poisonous frogs?  Their skin is poisonous."
Mama: "So you can't touch them?"
Nathan: "No, you can't take a bite out of them."

Abigail, after I wrongfully thought she did something MINOR wrong: "I will always remember that."   Pause.  "Can you pray to God I will forget?"  (Dear future husband of my daughter, I feel your pain...)

Nathan, who is very tall for his age, talking about a child 2" shorter than him: "Then the tiny one batted."

Nathan at bedtime: "Can you close my closet door so I don't get freaked?"

Abigail, who just fell off the bed, entering the room and waving her arm wildly in the air: "My arm is smushed and broke!"

Hailey and Abigail playing in the backyard.  Hailey is attempting to slide down head first.
Abigail: "Hailey, don't!  You are going to break yourself!"

Nathan: "I'm getting toasted." (really warm)

Nathan, very upset: "Abby said the meanest thing ever!  The meanest thing she's EVER said!"
Mama: "What did she say?"
Nathan: "I can't remember."

Abigail singing: "Isabelly is better than a bad guy."  (I'm pretty sure it was a love song for her sister....)

Mama joking to Abigail: "You are a lazy little girl."
Abigail: "And a funny one."

Mama: "I cleaned your room for you."
Abigail: "Mama!  That's so nice of you.  We should do nice things for each other all the time.  You should do things I forget and I'll do things you forget."
Mama: "Oh great.  I'll forget to do laundry."
Abigail: "Not like that!"

Abigail, after some thinking about the above topic: "OK, I'll do chores....for money!"  (????)

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