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Friday, June 29, 2012


Abigail had been put to bed.  After a little while she comes out of her room.
Mama: "Abby?"
Abigail: "I was laying in bed and for some reason my finger poked my eye."

Abigail: "I'm hungry."
Mama: "That's because you didn't eat your dinner."
Abigail: "No, I'm hungry because I couldn't eat my dessert."

Abigail, explaining the rules of her made-up game where whoever has the most knowledge, wins: "But God and Jesus can't play 'cause they automatically win."

Abigail, waiting for a breakfast cereal treat: "I want too much!"

After explaining that something is expensive, Abigail quickly solves the dilemma: "We could just get the money from the dollar store." 

Abigail having Playdoh on her toe: "Look at my unique toe."

Abigail, after I squished an ant on her wrist: "Mama!  You destroyed the little creature!"  (The girl reads too much for her own good.)

Abigail has a vast vocabulary.  Nathan on the other hand makes up his own words:
  • Nathan, after watching a Karate show: "Look!  I know Kajatee!"  (Sound dangerous.)
  • Nathan: "The gecko needs Miralax." (He meant "minerals".)
  • Nathan, who has found a new sense of humor: "I'm being spactactic (sarcastic)."  (That one took me about five minutes to figure out...)

After I serve Nathan his breakfast: "This toast is burned out!" (And no, it wasn't!)

Abigail: "Oma, can you send another German chocolate package?"
Oma: "I'm sending a package this week."
Abigail: "Can you send it with e-mail instead?"

Nathan: "The Hulk is so angry because he always bonks his head."  (Now that makes sense to me.)

At a baseball game that daddy and uncle Chris are coaching, Abigail yells "Hello, uncle Chris!"
Mama: " You can't yell at them during the game."
Abigail reassuring: "I know!  I'm just checking if he's paying attention to the game."  

Abigail to mama: "You are shiny & decorated like a Christmas tree."
Mama, plainly dressed: "Uh?"
Abigail: "That means you are cool."

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