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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Easter

Brother, Sisters and Cousin 
(Don't you just love how goofy Abby looks?  And how little Isabelle sits like a big girl, big brother making sure she is safe?)

You are noticing a theme, right?  These are all April posts.  And May.  Nevertheless, posts I should have posted months ago.  Their order will utterly confuse my children if they (hopefully) later on in life decide to read about their very interesting lives on this blog.  :-)  
Anyways, we had a fantastic Easter this year and everything came together really nicely.  Here are a few of the highlights (in backwards order):

Plastic eggs became a favorite of Isabelle's for weeks to come.  Whenever she could find them, she'd chew on them. 

Easter Day - kids hunting for plastic Easter Eggs hidden in our yard.

Such a sweet moment.  Abigail hurt herself (which happens ALL the time.  Honestly.  I'm not joking. At least five times a day.).  Here Nathan sensed an unusual cry and went over to take care of her.  After further investigation, he found the culprit (a sliver) and removed it from her "footsie" as Abby calls her feet.

Cousins running on the trampoline together.

Static electricity!!

My Easter table.  The branches with the eggs hanging from it is a tradition from Oma.  She would go outside every Easter and cut pussy willow branches. Then we'd hollow out real eggs, decorate them, put a match with string in them and hang them up on the branches.  Voila!  Instant Easter decorations.

The day before Easter we had a special dinner and did our resurrection eggs.  The kids loved the eggs and special "Middle Eastern" dinner.

Frohe Ostern!  Happy Easter in German.

Breakfast table.

Dying Easter eggs.  Apparently one needs to be dressed as a pirate to do this successfully.  Abby and Olive were dressed as fairies.  

Here is our "middle Eastern" feast.  We just wanted to give the kids an example of foods that Jesus may have  eaten.  Various olives, stuffed grape leaves, marinated garlic, almonds, turkish dried apricots.  Needless to say that I ended up eating all of that.  Except for flat bread.  They loved that.  So we had one winner.

David set up all of our flannel boards.  The kids LOVE these.  I need to take them out more.  Last Supper scene.

Crucifiction Scene.  We also had the empty tomb with the women on a third flannel board.

Kids searching for resurrection eggs hidden in the garden.

Abby sure enjoyed this.

Ah yes, we had grape juice as well.  This is our make-shift table for reclined eating as is often done in Middle Eastern countries.  It's a box covered by a blanket.  The kids actually preferred eating like this to sitting at the table.  Thinking of how hard it is to get them to sit still, this may be a good option....

We had a really great Easter this year.  The kids understood what we tried to teach them and David and I had a blast getting it together for them.  We had thought about the resurrection eggs ahead of time but everything else came together last minute.  We had a great time with our little family the night before and it was very bonding.  The next day we enjoyed our more extended family.  It was perfect.

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