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Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Love Isabelly

Abigail writing "I Love you" (II LUV YOU).  Pretty sure that was for mom rather than Isabelle but I'v been wrong before.   Abigail is writing and reading non-stop these days.  She reads easy reader books fluently.  She also memorizes them after reading them for the second time!  And she taught herself how to make letters.  She figures out how to spell words by herself as well.  She is amazing.  Hmmm....  I just went on a huge tangent....
Well, here is the little birthday girl!  She's so adorable.  Her chubby little legs and arms.  Her wobbely (is that a word?) walk.  Putting her hand in front of her mouth when she is tired or relaxed.  How much she loves cats, dogs and baths.   She yells "ba!" and climbs up the stairs laughing the whole time when she knows it is bath time.  Once in the tub, she gets so very excited.  She splashes and literally squeals from happiness.  I love her little toes (I'm actually obsessed with baby toes...).  She has her dad's toes.  She is very sweet in her demeanor, very loving.  If one of her siblings cries or is upset, she goes to them and tries to cheer them up.  We were at the store yesterday and Nathan was sad about something.  She started to caress his hair, smiling at him and constantly chattering at him.  She did it for a full 10 minutes.  

Uncle and Isabelly as her siblings lovingly call her.  The name stuck.

A very handsome daddy.  :-)  Isabelly looks more than her dad than her mom.  She has his gorgeous dark eyes and long eye lashes.

Grandma and cousin Olive.  Love it when Olive has this laugh.  It is too cute.  Her and Isabelly will hopefully grow up and be close as they are close in age.  Grandma was happy on this day, being surrounded by all her grandbabies.  

Cutiepie as Nathan also calls her.  Proud owner of six teeth.  

She listens really well.   Lately she gets distracted a little when she is busy exploring.  She obeys simple commands such as "come to mama," "thank you" (for giving an object back to mom or to bring it to me), "let's go...." and "close ____ please" (as in a drawer).

Uncle and Abigail.  Uncle Mike and Abigail have a close bond.  

Grandma and her little goofball.  Nathan is discovering the world of jokes and tricks and silly faces.

Proud new mama.  Auntie Megan is pregnant with her second baby girl.  Not much longer....

Uncle and cousin Olive.  This will soon be the daddy of two little girls.

Yum!  First birthday cake ever.  Can't believe we got a picture with the hat.  I love that hat.  :-)  

Isabelle didn't get as messy as we thought she would.  She had a wonderful first birthday though.  And we had a wonderful first year with our little girl.

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  1. Isabelle sieht knuddelisch aus mit ihrem Hütchen
    Kuß OMA