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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Camping 2012

We made a bucket list this summer of things to do.  Most of these things we ended up doing in August.  We are procrastinators, you know.  Since Isabelle is so little, we stayed close to home.  Just in case there was trouble in babyland.  We ended up getting the same exact spot where we camped last year.  And that, we decided, is the perfect spot for us.  Ah, I love camping.  Wish we were there right now...

Nathan helped putting up the tent for the first time this year.  He did a really good job.  I think his favorite part was hammering in the tent stakes.  Hammer - boy -  it's all good.

Little Susy Miss Homemaker was happily sweeping the tent and helping me get everything ready inside the tent.  We set up the beds and well, swept.  When there was no more sweeping to be done inside, Abigail went outside, where surprisingly, she found an endless supply of dust and dirt on the ground.  Imagine that.
Tangent: I love that Starbucks water cup.  So do my kids.  Isabelle keeps chewing the straw.  That makes me unhappy.  Told you  it was a tangent.

Nathan building his first fire with dad.  Will he be able to fill his father's shoes?  I love how he pays attention and hangs on every word his dad says.

Somebody is getting impatient with the fire starting.  Enough already!  This baby is hungry.
Don't you just love how she sits so pretty on her chair.

Well, things aren't moving quite fast enough here.  Let me go see what the hold-up is.  
Another tangent: I also love those baby Crocs.  Aren't they the cutest things?

Still sweeping.  There was lots of work to be done.  My guess is that she thought she was doing something wrong and that she just got caught.  Just look at that guilty face.

Seriously.  Who lets their baby get this dirty?  Peasants!

Ah, the art of roasting marshmallows.  Such a fine line between the perfect one and disaster.  Welcome to the class taught by the master himself, Dave.  He makes the perfect marshmallows, every time.

Somebody got a hold of rootbeer!  Worry not, folks, it was empty.  She had a fun time with this though.  Abigail has a pink watering can she uses as a megaphone of sorts.  This is a game her and Isabelle play almost every night.  Apparently Isabelle thought this was like it.

That's a failed student in the art of the marshmallow.  We ate it anyway.

There is a nice playground right next to the campground.  The kids had a good time here and even made friends with another little boy.  Nathan and him had a blast playing tag.  Nathan did really great with this little boy, letting him catch him and chasing him around when he wanted to.

Going down the slide.  

Handle bars and these things are probably Nathan's favorite on the playground.

Abigail loves the slides and comes up with all kinds of different ways to go down a slide.  None of them are on her butt and forward.  Her favorite is probably head first on her back.  She definitely makes her own path.

Tire swings.  Always fun.  Love this picture of Abigail and Nathan having fun in the front and dad and Isabelle playing in the back.  Most of all, I love the smiles on Nathan and Abigail's faces.  Oh, did you notice Nathan's chest muscles???  Seriously, the boy has a defined tiny muscles on his chest.  David noticed it during baseball season.

Exploring the lake close to the campground.  This was the first time dad let Nathan walk without holding on to him.  Nathan was proud of that. Many rites of passage for him this time around.

Abigail trying her luck and taking a look at a dead fish dad spotted.  The lake is just so pretty.  Last year we saw a bald eagle catch a fish here.

Nathan going out all by himself, with dad just waiting at the end of the log.  

You know another thing I love?  Reeds next to wood.  But reeds in general.  And you know what?  My favorite birds like to sit on them (red-winged blackbirds).  I'm just full of love, aren't I? :-)

Isabelle's turn on the log.  No, it's a log at the campsite.  She climbed up there and started to walk toward Abigail.  Sneaky baby.  

Abigail exploring around our campsite.  

The green just makes the perfect backdrop for her hair.  :-)  She loves going out there and just looking around.  Bugs don't scare her at all.  She picks up any she finds.   She even saw the prettiest moth - in the restroom of all places.  But she noticed it.  To her it was a butterfly.  

Nathan's first time chopping wood.  He did really good with dad's instructions.  He was really proud.  So was dad.  :-)

Abigail tried this too and did really good following instructions.  She didn't have enough strength though to actually split the wood.  Maybe next year.

Monkey boy.  He just loves being where he can climb anything and jump off it without getting into trouble.

Want to know how baby got dirty?  That's how.

Sweet sister moment.  Abigail started to pick flowers.  Isabelle watched her and then started to pick flowers as well.  Then she would go to Abigail and give them to her.  Very sweet.

We only camped overnight.  But man, was that relaxing.  Both David and I commented how just one day in the woods makes you feel so relaxed and makes the stress just slide off you.  We had a fabulous time and are hoping to go at least one more time this year.  Maybe even one time with cousin Olive and two uncles.  Hopefully the kids will really learn to enjoy camping (which I think they already do).  David and I just love it. As a matter of fact, I wish we were camping there right now.  Too bad this isn't the Magic Treehouse....

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