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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nature Explorers Extraordinaire

Although my two oldest seem to be home-bodies, especially Nathan, they both enjoy being outdoors and exploring.  Dad took us on a few such trips this summer.  This is a lake where dad takes the kids fishing on their Dabby and Dathan days as well.  And let's face it, anything with water will do just fine. :-)

Will they jump in?  With Abigail that is always a worry.  No matter how cold it is or muddy or icky, she'll always ask: "Can we go swim?"

Bellybutton and the mama.   I love the Ergo carrier.  Thanks auntie Megan for recommending it and Allison for letting me borrow it (very generous).

This particular lake apparently features at least 13+ different kinds of dragonflies.  We learned this from an older gentleman who was there photographing them.  Naturally we started to pay more attention to them.  My favorite ones have always been the bright blue ones.  Aren't the black dots at the tip of the wings neat?

There wasn't an easily accessible hiking trail around the lake so we went to a nearby playground.  The main attraction here however was this really neat tree stump.  It was hollow inside too but none of us were brave enough to climb in there with the various bugs and worms.   :-)  Yeah, go ahead, call me chicken.  I'm ok with that.

Goofy picture time!  No one told dad though.  Abby looks hilarious.  She is the master of facial expressions. Did I ever mention that she practiced different crying expressions in front of our oven when she was a mere 18 months?  

I like this picture of Nathan.  Man, he is growing up so fast.  First grade is just around the corner and that is making me VERY sad.  I will miss my little man very much.  He looks so grown up in this picture, much more serious than he really is.

This is such a neat picture of Abigail.  She just loves throwing all kinds of different things into the water.

We even were lucky enough to stand right next to two dogs running in the water and taking a swim.  They were utterly thrilled.  The kids loved seeing them.  Isabelle, who just adores dogs, wanted to run after them.  It was another really nice family day.  Thanks, dad!

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