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Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Baseball

In our area there is an annual vintage baseball event.  I love just about everything vintage.  Except for maybe the absence of electricity, running warm water, and all my appliances.  :-)  And David loves baseball.  Naturally this was a perfect event for us to go to.  And it was outside on a beautiful hot summer day.  (Probably much to the chagrin of the volunteers who had to dress up in the vintage clothing.)
The setting was just as perfect.  The game took place in a big grass field, surrounded by historic buildings and tall evergreens. We found our spot in the outfield since all the good spots were already taken.  Just about as soon as we arrived we were greeted by the lovely ladies above who gave us a paper explaining the rules of 1860s  baseball along with some terms players used back then.  To be honest, my heart leapt seeing their lovely dresses.  I wanted to buy one.  Or two.  Or three. I was born in the wrong era.
Abigail said she liked the dresses when I asked her but I'm not sure if she really thought so.  She never mentioned it by herself.  She didn't like the actual baseball game.  But she sure enjoyed the games mentioned further down.  I'm glad the organizers of this event had the foresight to do something for the littlest ones, letting them actively experience history.

The baseball game was started with the shooting of a canon.  Now that will get your attention.  It freaked Nathan out a bit because he didn't realize it was coming.  I think for a moment he thought they were literally starting a war or a fight or something.  He had that look on his face where he wants to panic but isn't quite sure yet if he has reason.  The funny thing that Nathan does then, is that he really doesn't ask the questions in a manner that reflects his feelings.  We've gotten used to it over the year so we know what he feels like when he has that "look."  We know he is worried.  But he asks the questions in such a round-about way, it took us a while to figure out what he was really asking.  For example, thinking people are shooting deadly cannons (which is what he later told me he was thinking), he will ask: "That was loud. Will they shoot that again?"  What he meant to ask was: "Crazy people shooting cannons!  Where do we go for cover so they do not hit us and kill us and why are we not running???"  He literally told me later that this is what he thought was happening.  Crazy kid.  :-)  

Old-fashioned music from an orchestra playing old-fashioned instruments and wearing old-fashioned clothes.  They were sweating - a lot.  Gotta give kudos to all those volunteers.

One of the teams.  Don't you just love their outfits? They played with a soft leather ball and without mitts.  

The scorekeepers. I wan't that white dress with the hat.  
Behind the scorekeeper area, the volunteers hosted old-fashioned children's games which Abigail thoroughly enjoyed.  She played croquet with one of the younger volunteers, a lovely young lady with long blond hair, probably about 15 or 16 years old.  Abigail loved all the attention that she was given by the girl.  Later on she went back to play a hoop and sticks game where you throw an embroidery hoop via two sticks.  The other person then catches the hoop with one of her sticks.  Some of the boys played a third game where they rolled a large wooden hoop across the ground via a large wooden stick.  

David had sent out the information to some of his baseball team families and one of them joined us.  Naturally Nathan was busy wrestling with his friend Aydan and Aydan's step-brother Kyle.  I'm not sure they got too much from the actual baseball game.  At some point we made a fort for all the boys and the girls out of quilts that I had brought, camping chairs and Isabelle's stroller.  With all the wild boys though, the fort kept collapsing.  
Isabelle j\-- (Isabelle just typed the symbols to the left.  She is standing next to me.  Her little arm is reaching up to the keyboard and her pointed finger was poking around the number pad.  Then she looked at me and with a deep voice said: "ha ha."  That was quite funny, so I left it in.)  Anyways, Isabelle enjoyed herself by running around the large field area and just exploring.  
This was another one of those very lovely summer evenings.  Hopefully we will get to do it again next year.  It was really neat.  

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