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Monday, September 10, 2012

Abigaily, Abigaily, We love you....

This song, sung to the tune of "Brother Jacob", aka "Frere Jaques" or "Bruder Jakob", has overtaken our household.  David once sang it for Abby during a road trip, as in "Abigail, Abigail/ We love you/ We love you/ You are so pretty/  You are so pretty/ Yes, you are/  Yes, you are."  If you know Abigail, a declaration of love, wrapped up in a song and sung by her dad, that is just a magical combination she can only fiercely love.  Which she did.  She made her dad sing it over and over.  Then Nathan wanted it sung to him (of course the "pretty" was substituted with "handsome").  Then the kids wanted dad to sing it to Isabelle.  It became and instant hit.
Over the months, our family has sung this song over and over to each other.  We've exchanged the "You are so  pretty" with various phrases such as "You are such a good girl" or "You are so precious", funny phrases or comments on the particular day.  It's become a classic.
Abigail has even used this song to calm down her little baby cousin Rosemary recently.  Rosemary was discontent and after Abigail sang to her for a while, she stopped and was happy again.  According to their mom Megan, cousin Olive even sings it to Rosemary now. It's more of a "Ro, Ro, Ro...".
Even our littlest one, Isabelle sings it all day now.  Of course her version is like a stuck record: "Mama, mama/ Mama, mama...."   I love it!
Be warned though.  This song, once sung, is highly contagious and may result in a new family tradition.

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