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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Two of my children have obsessive personalities.  Nathan can get very obsessed over things (in a good way).  He absorbs EVERYTHING about the topic at hand.  Then, after there is no more to learn, he moves on.   He may return to the topic on occasion as it is familiar and beloved territory.  Some of these examples include volcanos, snakes, Star Wars (although he's never seen the movies, he probably knows more about it then you), and his latest obsession, Lego Ninjago.  This was probably born out of an earlier obsession with ninjas and samurai for a school project.   
It seems my littlest one, who shares a lot of character traits with her brother, learns in the same kind of manner.  Currently there are many obsessions she has.  One of them unfortunately is my plastic container drawer...  Here are some of the things that keep her little brain busy:


Isabelle loves babies and baby dolls.  Everything is a mama, a baby and sometimes a dada.  Mostly mama and baby though.  That's because dad is at work.  :-)  She understand very many things about babies.  If you tell her the baby is hungry, she'll get her little doll bottle and feeds the baby.  She puts it in the little cradle, rocks it and sings for the baby (VERY cute).  She gives kisses and hugs frequently.  I'd say that is her favorite, to give hugs and kisses. She rocks the baby (see picture above).  

Everyone in our family is expected to kiss the baby when Isabelle thinks it is needed.  Thankfully everyone in our household obeys the little girl.  

Her cuteness gets rewarded with a cheek rub by Nathan (this is his official sign of affection).


This is one of the rare pictures without shoes.  She has me put shoes on her at least 7 times a day.  She even puts her shoes on, then Abby's over them, then mine on top of that.  She has learned to walk around in David's heavy and big hiking shoes.  I have no idea how she keeps them on her feet, but she does.  She has a love/hate relationship with her crocs.  She wants them on but then the fact that she cannot put them on herself frustrates her to no end.
And yes, I needed an excuse to post the top picture because I love it.  And by the way, I'm obsessed with pictures.  Just so you know.

The Telephone

See that happy smile?  Yes, she loves talking to Oma (in these pictures) and grandma.  She instantly smiles when I put the speakerphone on and someone starts to talk to her.  She has also learned the phrase: "Isabelle, ____ is on the phone for you." and she comes running.

Listening to Oma talk.  This is how she holds the phone. The earpiece is actually on her shoulder.  I put it in her hand the right way but she will twist her wrist.  Ha!  That rhymes.  If one tries to correct her holding the phone, one is met with a rather displeasing countenance.

Abigail of course also wanted to talk to Oma.  When I gave her the phone for her turn, Isabelle wailed.  She tried multiple times to grab the phone from Abby.   Unfortunately for Isabelle, Abigail is a long talker.  Nevertheless, Isabelle showed her discontent by wailing the whole time Abigail was talking.

After I gave her the phone back.

And when Oma had to hang up.  Sorry baby.
And no, she will not have a cell phone any time soon.  Except for her pink toy phone which will entertain her all day. 


Oh, let's not forget grapes.  She will do her own little happy dance for those.  Bending over, arms stretching horizontally backwards and running forward.  Very entertaining.  She will also sing very sweetly.  Mostly it is the "Mama, mama" song (to the tune of "Brother Jacob" aka "Frere Jaques").

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  1. Sehr schöne Bilder
    Jetzt sehe ich Isabelle, wenn sie mit mir telefoniert HIHI
    KUß MAMA